5 Must-Have Golf Accessories You’ll Want In Your Golf Bag

Looking for the best golf accessories for yourself or to give as a gift to that special golfer you know? Check out this list of the “must haves.” Are they in your golf cart now? If not, put them at the top of your next golf accessories shopping list.

PGA Golf Ball Finder Glasses (Multi-Color)
These are for golf newbies who keep losing their balls or golfers who just can’t keep track of the balls they have hit. These glasses can keep the golf ball outlined against the grass.• Specially tinted UV-coated lens filters out foliage and grass?so white golf balls stand out against trees, roughand fairway?for quick visual pickup• Microfiber storage pouch• Interchangeable UV-coated sunglass lens

A similar brand is available at SharperImage.

Golf Buddy VOICE
– The GPS You Wear!

– Audio distance information
– pre-loaded with 35,000+ courses worldwide
– 8 different spoken lanugages pre-loaded
– Distance to front / center / back
– shot distance measurementThis is a great tool on the course. Clip it to your hat or jacket.
Champ FlyTee 2-3/4-Inch-40 Pack

New Biodegradable Tee from Champ – comes in a variety of lengths and colors

  • Durable biodegradable plastic design
  • Six-prong head makes it easier to place the ball on the tee and keeps ball stable
  • 2 3/4 inch
  • 40 pack



Golf Scorecard Keeper
– This handy scorecard album allows avid golfers to savor their best moments. With pockets for fifty-two scorecards and space to describe the key details of the game (players, tee time, course, weather, score), the Golf Scorecard Keeper will please golfers of all levels. Acid-free archival paper keeps scorecards in tip-top shape for years of bragging.
Bionic Performance Glove
Bionic Gloves
– Bionic Gloves are the only golf gloves on the market with patented pad technology that results in a better grip and improved durability. In fact, according to an independent study, our Bionic StableGrip golf glove last 2X longer than a standard leather golf glove of premium-grade quality. Now, for a limited time only, (Nov. 23 – Dec. 31, 2012), the StableGrip and PerformanceGrip gloves are $5 off the regular price. Enter promo code HC2012 in the shopping cart for FREE USPS shipping. With this special discounted price, you can give the “Gift of Grip” to all the golfers on your list for the holidays.I use these gloves! They really perform. Top Notch.


Golf Glasses: These are for golf newbies who keep losing their balls or golfers who just can’t keep track of the balls they have hit. These glasses can keep the golf ball outlined against the grass.

These glasses remove light emitting from non-ball objects so that the only visible object in your line of vision is the errant ball.

The VOICE from GolfBuddy  If you’ve been waiting to buy that GPS unit but just don’t like the hand-held kind you have to dig out of your pocket before every shot? Consider the VOICE from Golf Buddy. This is a hands-free GPS with lots of features. You wear it on your cap or clip it to your jacket. When it’s time to check your distance to the green, just click the button. You don’t even have to look at the device. The voice tells you the distance! I’ve worn mine this past season, and every golfer I’ve played with was impressed.

Fly Tees: This tee comes with a top surface that is made from a brush-like material. This prevents the tee from being ripped out or damaged because your club merely brushes past it instead of impacting it hard.

Score Keeper Book: Can’t remember the details of your round? This comprehensive score journal will help you keep track. Great for bragging at the 19th hole.

Bionic Golf Gloves: These are by far the most comfortable and supportive golf gloves. Great for any golfer but especially good for golfers with chronic pain in hands or fingers.

  2 comments for “5 Must-Have Golf Accessories You’ll Want In Your Golf Bag

  1. Edie
    December 17, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Has anyone used the Golf Ball Finder glasses? I really struggle sometimes in the summer sun and later in the fall when leaves are everywhere. I have trouble finding my ball in the middle of the fairway. It’s embarrassing to walk around unable to find a ball in the fairway when I know it has to be right under my nose! I just checked Amazon, and the glasses have terrible reviews. Has anyone tried them?

    • Pat Mullaly
      December 17, 2012 at 3:50 pm

      I have used a similar pair of golf finder glasses with some success. You might check out the pair at Sharper Image… even better reviews. I’ve added a link to the their website so people can have a choice. (see above)

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