Important Comfort Tips For the Golf Season

wgam_logoNasty cold weather has kept me in the club house during the early spring golf season this year. But yesterday I got out for my first 18 holes of the golf season at my home course. Gorgeous day, temps just right and not too much wind. I played with another woman from the WGAM (Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts). A third was supposed to join us but she was a no-show. Not a problem.

Our round moved more quickly than I anticipated, and though I did not play well, I was satisfied with a few shots that went straight down the fairway. It was a good chance to see the kinks in my game and what I need to work on if I succeed in dropping 5 points off my GHIN: my goal for this season.

Couple things I learned right off the bat. I need to wear better socks. After walking 5 miles and pushing my cart around the 18 holes my feet were not feeling happy. As soon as I got home I changed into a pair of Telic Women’s Comfort Thong Sandals that I picked up at the PGA Show back in January. These are great sandals that really massage your feet as you walk.

Kent Wool SocksAnd I tossed my socks. If you’re going to walk the course, you need a good pair of socks, and the best I have are KENTWOOL Women’s Tour Profile Socks.  Many of the pros wear this brand and with good reason. These are super comfortable and I’m going to buy a couple more pairs and stick them in my bag. They are not inexpensive, but so well made that just a few pair will last all season. (Read my review from a previous post.)

I tested the Chromax balls – the super hi-reflective golf balls. The company sent me a few to try out. The hi compresson distance ball compares with a Titleist ProV – If you have a fast swing and like a hard ball, they work well. Putting is a different story. If you are used to a softer ball, the hard surface of the Chromax Distance might put you off. But I liked the way the ball responded. Unfortunately I lost my ball in the pond on the third hole. Sigh. But I gave away more Chromaz balls and will post a review later.

It was a good first round for me. Even if my score card didn’t shine, just being outside was fabulous. Can’t wait till next Tuesday when the League hits the links.

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