Add this to your golf bag next time you play!

Playing a new course? No caddie to hire? You need a GolfLogix Green Map booklet to show you the way!

If you play to win at golf, you need to know the course before you play. Where are the hazards? What’s over that hill in front of you? What’s the slope and speed of the greens? Without a caddie to guide you, you must rely on your eyes, your instincts and your gut.

But you can take a lot of the mystery out of the course with a new product from GolfLogix: GREEN MAPS & Yardage Book. Currently, there are over 14,000 golf courses already mapped and more to be published. Each Green Book features maps of each hole with yardage clearly marked for fairways and what I found most helpful, precise green slopes to help me aim my putts.

Here are some of the features that make Green Maps so valuable:

  • Heat Map View indicating slopes
  • Putt Break View
  • Hole View to assist you in approach shots and avoid hazards
  • Pages for listing the clubs in your bag and distances you need on the course
  • Clear imagery for both greens and fairways mapped with centimeter accuracy

Does it look complicated? GolfLogix takes the complexity out of the process with great “how to” videos that explain step by step how to read the maps.

I gave a copy the GolfLogix map of our home course to one of my golfing friends and asked her to use it for a round or two. Her feedback was all positive. She could plan her strategy for each hole and see the best landing spot on the green. She kept notes in the booklet to help her in club choice in the future.

The only downside was the time it took to become familiar with the product. You don’t want to pull out one of these booklets without preparation. But if you are playing in a tournament or in an important round, on a new course, the time spent on studying the course using one of these golf map booklets, is well worth it.

Visit the GolfLogix website to see the video tutorial and learn more.

Buy a copy of the Green Map for your home course. Makes a great gift too!

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