Are You America’s Best Putter? – Here’s Your Chance To Prove It!

You may not be able to drive the ball further than 150 yards, but if you can putt well enough, you just might have a chance to be the best putter in the U.S.of A.!!!

U.S. Putting Tour

USPT National Championship held at
The Crossings at Carlsbad – San Diego, CA
September 24 – 30, 2011

The USPT’s National Putting Championship is open to all amateur golfers 13 years of age and older as of September 24, 2011. Men and women, young and old, will compete together to determine who is America’s Best Putter.

This sounds like a contest in which a lot of golfers I know would have a fighting chance! It’s a great opportunity!

There are two ways to make it to the USPT National Championship at The Crossings at Carlsbad, September 24-30, 2011:

  1. Enter the USPT National Championship directly (Click here to visit the USPT website and/or download the official USPT National Championship registration form. (PDF version / Word .doc version)
  2. Qualify at an official U.S. Putting Tour qualifying event. See the USPT website for more details. Events will be posted as they become available.
    Special Note: ( is considering sponsorship of a USPT event on Cape Cod this coming season. If you would be interested, please send us a quick email or leave a comment in the space below this post.)

The USPT National Championship consists of three rounds. In Round 1, you will play 96 holes, which will take approximately three hours. You can choose one of five days to play your first round:

  • Saturday, September 24
  • Sunday, September 25
  • Monday, September 26
  • Tuesday, September 27
  • Wednesday, September 28

There is a cut after the first round. A to-be-determined number of players from each Round 1 day will advance. The number of spots advancing from each Round 1 day will be announced prior to play on the day.

Players who advance from Round 1 will play in Round 2 on Thursday, September 29. There will be another cut after Round 2.

Players who advance from Round 2 will play in the final round on Friday, September 30.

The early-bird entry fee for the USPT National Championship is just $100. You can enter now to ensure your spot in the USPT national putting championship and to get your preferred date for competing in Round 1.

If you enter through a qualifying event the entry fee is determined by the local event sponsors. Usually the fee is between $20 – $30.

What do the winner and top finishers receive?

The top finishers will receive merchandise prizes and certificates in accordance with USGA Amateur Status rules. The top three finishers will receive USPT hardware. The winner also gains the title of “America’s Best Putter.” The top five finishers will receive automatic free entry into the 2012 USPT National Championship.

If you are a decent putter and enjoy competition, this event promises to be a lot of fun! Just think of the opportunity to work on your putting game, improve your golf scores, and prove your mettle as a great putter!

The US Putting Tour site offers some golf swing and putting tips to help you get in the right frame of mind. Check these out here.

Let us know if you decide to enter  or if you would like to participate in a local event here on Cape Cod in the coming season. Comment below or send us an email.

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