Five Top Golf Courses To Play Autumn Golf In New England

newenglandfallgolfLooking for a great golf vacation for this fall? Autumn Golf in New England is just the ticket. This area is famous for its fall foliage, warm days and cool nights. For golfers, it’s a wonderful combination for fun and adventure. Guest author, Michael Juba, has some great ideas and golf destinations!

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Leaf Peeping on the Green

Come fall, there are plenty of opportunities to go leaf peeping in New England. If you’re not familiar with the practice, “leaf peeping” is a hobby wherein enthusiasts travel to areas well-known for their foliage to watch the color of the leaves changes. As fascinating as leaf peeping is, however, that isn’t all there is to New England.

If you’re planning to travel to New England to take in the show of its annual change of foliage, you should consider taking advantage of the golf courses New England has to offer. Many of them aren’t often in the “Top 10 so-and-so golf courses in America” lists that you can find all over the web, but that isn’t for lack of quality, challenge, or fun on the course.

New England golf courses offer as much variety and difficulty as any of the great West Coast or Southern courses, with the added benefit of enjoying the natural beauty of a New England autumn while on their fairways and greens. Compared to playing on a California course, where everything is so carefully manicured and managed and the surrounding area is typically quite developed, New England play is rugged but homely, and a fantastic compliment to any leaf peeping tour.

There are several golf courses in the northeast you can’t miss if you’re in the New England area. (Use the Forelinksters website to find golf courses by state.)

MASSACHUSETTS: The Wachusett Country ClubLocated in Boylston, Massachusetts, the Wachusett Country Club sports an incredible view of Wachusett Mountain, a beautiful local landmark that has long been a go-to destination for leaf peepers across the nation. Wachusett Reservoir is also within sight of the course, and offers a similarly stunning view of the changing colors of fall.

Considering how nicely manicured the course itself is, you’d be surprised at the affordable golf course rates Wachusett offers, as well as the incredible service and great country club fare to be had at the club. All in all, Wachusett is a great stop on any leaf peeping tour.

SugarLoaf GolfMAINE: Sugarloaf Golf Course: Sugarloaf, of Carrabassett Valley, Maine, is primarily known for the skiing opportunities you can take there in the winter. However, during the warmer months, golf is the order of the day, and in the fall you can get a fantastic view of Sugarloaf USA Mountain. You are also treated to a great view of Carrabassett River from the course, a beautiful river that lends itself to the leaf peeper’s taste for vistas.

Of course, golfing itself on Sugarloaf is fantastic. Consistently voted the top golf course in Maine year after year, playing on Sugarloaf is much like skiing on Sugarloaf: A challenging and memorable experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

MAINE: Sunday River Golf ClubThe Bethel area is regularly host to outdoor enthusiasts: hikers, mountain bikers, and of course, golfers. For good reason, too; the area has consistently been voted one of the top leaf peeping destinations in New England on several occasions, which should pique the interest of any leaf peeper who enjoys a round of golf.

MAINE: Point Sebago Resort Golf CoursePoint Sebago is situated near Sebago Lake, the second largest and deepest lake in Maine. Of course, you aren’t here for the lake, but for the leaf peeping – or the golf. Why not both? The lake’s natural foliage lends itself to leaf peeping, while the golf course itself ranked on Golf Digest’s 2004 “Best” list.

MAINE: Poland Spring Golf CourseFor those golf playing leaf enthusiasts who also happen to be history buffs, Poland Spring offers quite a past. Babe Ruth, Joe Kennedy, and President Taft are just some of the august personages to have played on Poland Spring’s course, and that alone is attraction enough for many golfers.

The fact that Poland Springs is also a championship golf course is a draw for many golfers as well. For leaf peepers, the carefully maintained course with amazing views of the White Mountains and the surrounding lakes happens to be the main draw. Whatever your interest, you can’t miss Poland Spring if you’re in New England!

Author Bio: Michael Juba is a writer and marketer from Lititz, Pennsylvania, which was recently voted the coolest small town in America. He enjoys writing about sports, technology, health, home improvement, travel and just about any topic in between.

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Have you played these courses? Can you recommend others in New England? Add you comments in the spot below, and share this post with your fellow golfers.


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