The Best Way To Mark Your Golf Ball

What is the best way to mark your golf ball?

Is marking your golf ball important? Does it really make a difference? It does if you and your partners just happen to be playing with the same type of golf ball. What is the best way to mark your golf ball to make yours clearly yours?

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of golf ball manufacturers out there and you’d think with such a variety it would be unlikely that every player in your group was using the same manufactured ball. But it happens a lot. Most of the women I play with choose their ball with the most familiar names: Titleist, Nike, Callaway, Srixon and Pinnacle. It all depends on your game. (You can read about the best golf ball choice for you in this earlier post: The Secret to Choosing the Right Golf Ball for Your Game

Tin Cup LogoMarking your ball before you start your round is the best way to keep things clear as to who is playing which ball. And one of the easiest ways to put your distinctive mark on your golf balls is with a cool tool I picked up this year at the PGA show in Orlando: TIN CUP… Make Your Mark! Golf Digest named Tin Cup 2013 Best in Show at the PGA Merchandise Show.

With over 90 designs to choose from, including college teams, you can add your mark of distinction to each and every ball you play. It’s simple. You place the golf ball under Tin Cup, use an ultra fine point permanent ink pen and simply trace the design in the color of your choice. Voila! Your ball is marked like no other.

For my ball marker, I chose the TinCup with the shamrock design. I’m Irish, you see, so of course I mark my ball with a green marker! I’m not an affiliate of Tin Cup and I don’t make any $$ if you buy one, but I’m happy to spread the word because I think they’re fun and worth a look.

Tin Cup is a great tool to use for special tournaments, events, or just for you to make your mark. The product is available at their website or in many retail stores.

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