Is Bogie Golf Good Enough? – My First Round of the Season…

Just back from my first golf round this season. We’ve been caught between winter and spring here on Cape Cod… very few days without freezing temperatures, wild winds or cold rain…. but today the temps hit the high 40’s (F) and I booked a tee time for myself and my friend Pam. I got to the club house early, started swinging at the driving range using my Orange Whip… just to warm up… then chipped one or two times in the practice area. Unfortunately another golfer using the same colored golf balls showed up and seemed to monopolize the space… so I headed to the putting green.

Winn Putter GripI’ve got one of those extra wide putting grips on my trusty old 2 ball White Hot from Odyssey. I switched out the original grip on the putter for an extra wide WINN grip, last year and suffered from horrible putting for the next few weeks.

Now, I’m tempted to try one of the new Odyssey Putters with that new metallic insert… (more on that in another post) but changing putters is a major decision and I seem to be doing ok with the one I have. Finally have a feel for the wider grip. So I think I’ll give the new putter a pass for the moment. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Golf Club Grip Badly Worn

What am I doing wrong?

BUT!!! I definitely need new grips on a few of my long clubs. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong — and I really try not to have a death grip on the clubs, — but something I’m doing is grinding the end of the grips down to near dust with big holes worn into the rubber.  The club pro thinks I must be doing some sort of extra move at the top of my back swing, that causes me to move my hands or something… I had a friend take a video and neither of us could see it… but something’s eating away at my grip ends!

As to the game today? Well, it’s well before we can enter our scores in the GHIN system, and it was definitely a practice round, but I was pleased with 6 out of 9 holes… made bogie on those and nearly a par on the 2nd hole – a par 3. Just missed the putt by a smidgen. And got out of the sand I got in! Best of all, I didn’t lose a ball in the water or the woods. Happy Days!

Bottom line: not a bad round for me. Early season and all. But I would really like some help with my grips.

>>>> If you have a theory why someone would grind a hole into their grips, let me know. Add your comments to the space below. And share your early round as well.

  2 comments for “Is Bogie Golf Good Enough? – My First Round of the Season…

  1. March 28, 2017 at 12:12 am

    I would also like to know the benefits of grinding a hole into the grips. It’s my first time to read about this.

    • April 1, 2017 at 7:22 am

      I don’t think there is any benefit aside from letting you know you’re gripping too hard! I asked my pro what I could do to prevent it… she thinks it’s a mental fear that I’ll lose the club and smash something! Like the ground?

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