Are You Ever Lost On The Golf Course? This GPS Unit Will Find You.

How far is it to the hole, or the trap, or the water?

You are standing in the middle of the third fairway on an unfamiliar golf course and you haven’t got a clue how far it is to that nasty looking sand trap in front of the green. If only you had a GPS unit that really worked!

  • You used to use a range finder when you played, but it took so long to lock onto the flag stick your fellow golfers were getting frustrated so you left that at home.
  • You’ve got a smartphone app you could use, but it drains your battery down to nothing after only four holes, so that’s still in your golf bag pocket.

If you’re ever lost on the golf course and want to get found fast… consider this nifty GPS that you wear like a watch. It’s getting great reviews.

81XIXMjHAKL._SL1500_Bushnell NEO-X GPS Rangefinder Watch

The Bushnell NEO-X GPS Rangefinder Watch Uses the next generation of Distance Made Simple™golf products. This is the lightest and thinnest Golf GPS Watch in the world. Long battery life – 50% better than the nearest competitor. Preloaded with over 30,000 courses. No downloads or membership fees ever.


  • Auto Hole Advance
  • Auto Course Recogition
  • Preloaded Hazards
  • Shot Distance Calculator
  • Thin, lightweight with simple to use operation
  • Stopwatch, Timer, Odometer
  • Long Battery Life – over 3 rounds between charges
  • Tee Time Start & Auto GPS Off
  • Posi-Lock Clip for easy charge or course updates
  • Legal for tournament play

I’ve played with a number of golfers who are now using this unit. All they do when they have a question about distance, is to glance down at their wrist and then choose the right club. There is a slight learning curve to deciphering all the buttons and options, but once you “get it”… it’s very simple to use.

If accuracy is your thing, this GPS unit is one good product you should consider.

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