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The 2013 golf season is coming to an end. It’s been an exciting season with some great golf. But as the weather gets colder here in the northeast, it’s time to pull in the fairways and plan for the coming season.

We want to provide you, our readers, with the great golf stories, golf tips, and golf information you are looking for. We could just pull ideas out of the air, but how much better it would be to give you exactly what you are looking for!


We’ve created a short survey questionnaire for you to give us your feedback. What are you looking for in this coming golf season? What do you need to know? What new equipment are you looking to buy and where are the best deals?

We hope to give you all the best answers we can find and deliver them to you. But we need you to tell us what we can do for you?

Click here to take this super short 5 question survey! And give us your best shot.

10 Steps to Improve Your Golf PuttingAs our thank you for taking the time to answer this survey, please accept a copy of this free report: 10 Steps to Improve Your Golf Putting. Just click on the cover to download the report.

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