The Case For The 2Thumb Putter Grip

If your putting has been “off” lately, consider trying this two thumb putter grip to get you back on track.

You may have heard some golfers talking about a two thumb putter grip but you are still not quite sure of what they mean by this. The easiest way to understand what a two thumb putter grip is, is by envisioning placing your thumbs side by side on your grip. Many golfers are switching their grips instead of buying a new putter. This saves you money while still making a huge difference in your putting performance. PGA Pro, Denis Pugh gives a short demonstration of this new putter idea in this short video.*

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A two thumb putter grip position has been shown to help golfers keep their shoulders more parallel to the ground and to the target line. Overall using this type of grip has shown improvements by up to 53% when it comes to striking the golf ball. In addition ball skid distances have been greatly reduced.

Of course you can’t expect immediate results when switching to a two thumb putter grip. But with practice you will see good improvements in a short time frame.

Numerous professional golfers are using this type of grip and it has been used in several professional golf tournaments. Richie Ramsay finished fourth in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship which was held atSt. Andrews, Scotland in 2009. He actually used the 2Thumb Blue Light Putter Grip.

The two thumb putter grip has been responsible for marked improvements for many golfers. With some golfers reporting that they are now able to putt with success from as far as 15 feet out from the hole!

Another advantage of the two thumb grip is that it eliminates your wrist action when making a putt shot. Too much wrist action is a huge cause of concern for tons of golfers. With a larger grip area it is relatively easy to keep the right amount of pressure on the grip. This is one reason why many senior golfers are switching over to the two thumb putter grip.

Using a two thumb putter grip does take a little time to get used to but you will notice marked improvements in the control you have over the ball. Your distance control will be improved along with how smoothly you strike the ball. All of these things together mean that your putting stroke will become more consistent.

The main points to take into consideration when becoming accustomed to a two thumb putter grip are:

  • Always use the grip for control
  • Place your thumbs side by side
  • Keep the back of your hands square to your target
  • Overlap your fingers around the back of the grip

Doing all of the above takes a little practice but new habits are not that hard to make. Within a couple of weeks you will start to automatically place your hands in the correct position.

You are sure to love your new grip once you are used to it and will probably start recommending it to other golfers, especially those who flip their wrists. Make yourself look like a golf expert by suggesting that they change over to a two thumb putter grip. They will most likely end up making more putts consistently than ever before.

2Thumb Pro-Light Putter Grip costs around $20 and is available online or at better golf shops.

Have you ever tried the 2Thumb Putter Grip? Did you like it? Would you recommend it? Add your comments in the spot below.

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