This Club Is Magic In Your Bag! The Cleveland Niblick

I recently renewed my membership/subscription to a great golf magazine and site: Ladies Links Fore GOLF. One of the incentives offered for renewal was a FREE Niblick. (I just had to pay a nominal shipping charge. The club retails at Golfsmith for $109. so it was well worth the cost.)

I had heard about the power of a Niblick club. A good friend has been using one for years, and as my short game is often my biggest problem area, I decided it might be worth getting a new Niblick for myself. Glad I did.

The club has a bit of extra weight in the sole that helps me keep it down and gives me the firm attack needed to get the ball a short pop up and down when I’m just off the green. It takes a little practice to get used to the club, but when I use it correctly, this club is magic! I’m just sorry I didn’t get one earlier.

Now I have to say I’ve only been using it for chip shots. The description below which I found on the Golfsmith site claims the club can replace the pitching wedge on a full shot. I have to practice that and let you know. In the meantime, check out the Cleveland Niblick, and check out LadiesLinksForeGolf too. It’s a great site for women golfers to get tips, products and great advice.

. . . . .  From Golfsmith:

The Cleveland Lady Niblick II Conforming Wedge is a short iron/hybrid that allows players to simplify the short game for improved consistency. The forgiving head designs allow players to move closer to the ball without choking up for improved comfort and consistency on all scoring shots. All Niblicks have identical head weights, shorter club lengths and upright lie angles for consistent setup and feel. The 42-degree is perfect for lower chip/pitch shots and can replace a pitching wedge distance on full shots. The “all-around” 49-degree is designed for medium height pitches, long bunker shots, mid range wedge shots and can replace a gap wedge on full shots. The 56-degree is a bunker specific design with a wide forgiving sole to drastically improve bunker shot consistency for mid-high handicap players. On full shots, the 56-degree Niblick will produce a considerable amount of shot-stopping spin.

Additional Features: Material: Graphite / Shaft: Actionlite Graphite / USGA-conforming grooves

Do you have a Niblick golf club in your bag? How does it work for you? Share any special tips in the comments area below.

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