What Cobra Golf Told Me I Could Do With My “Nasty” Driver

A couple of posts ago I wrote about how much difficulty I was having hitting my relatively new King Cobra Driver. If you missed the post, you can read it here: Help! Should I Buy A New Driver? Or Just Learn To Hit The Golf Club I Have? One of our readers suggested I contact Cobra directly to complain and see what could be done about the nasty “clunk” sound that echoes across the course every time I hit the #$%!@ thing.

Comment from Glenna:
I believe that you hit that driver quite well. If the odd sound is now bothering you as much as it does your playing partners then I would suggest contacting the manufacturer rather than just tossing the club. If they have corrected the noise factor they should be willing to give you a generous trade in for a new one.

So I took her advice and wrote to the Cobra Sales Department, asking for advice and possibly a trade-in. I promised the sales department that I would post their response here on golfgurls.com. They wrote back promptly.

Cobra Golf Customer Service, Aug-12 11:41 (PDT): First off, thanks for playing Cobra, Pat! While you don’t mention the exact model of driver you are playing we are guessing based on the fact that it is a couple of years old and that it makes a “distinctive clunk” that it was part of our old Speed line-up. A distinctive line-up indeed!

Back in the middle part of the last decade and continuing through a few years back, golf companies became limited by the USGA to a 460cc sized head and the challenge was to gain distance by doing things such as reconfiguring the head design (square drivers, triangle shaped drivers would be two good examples) and thinning out the face as much as possible – and legal within the rules of golf. We can’t speak for all manufacturers, but a number of those first 460cc drivers -including ours- made a distinctive sound as we altered the acoustic chamber while trying to make thinner faces, making the driver as long and playable as possible. The result? One of our most successful lines ever complete with, well, a loud clunk!

Our suggestion is for you to check out our current line, such as our S3 driver, complete with our awesome E9 technology – and its muted acoustics. And while we are a wholesaler of new products only, and would be unable to accept a direct trade, we can tell you that our 2011 S3 line has recently been price re-positioned and is at a GREAT price out in the market place. (Editor’s note: I checked on line and Golfsmith is selling this model at $199.)

Further we can tell you that based on the feedback that we receive, we are guessing that your driver is one that is still sought out by some and may very well be one that will fetch some interest from golfers seeking that model. We wouldn’t throw it away! (Editor’s note: I checked on both Craig’s List and Ebay to see what my “nasty” club with the clunk is selling for… average price is about $30!!! Yikes. I think I paid upwards of $300 when it was new two years ago.)

We have listed the information on our S3 here: http://www.cobragolf.com/golf-clubs/2011-cobra-s3-driver And, if you are looking for a potential retailer, we have listed our valued retail partners here:  http://www.cobragolf.com/dealer-locator

One last thing that we would be remiss not to mention, Pat, is that there is always the possibility that there is a driver defect -you mention loss of distance- which would be impossible to discern over email. We would be more than happy to set up an inspection of that club to see if there is an actual performance issue due to a club defect, which may lead to a whole new conversation.

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance and good luck with your game!  – Greg Botti, Team Cobra

. . . . .

So there you have it. My “nasty,” “clunky” Cobra Driver story. The reality— I have other priorities in my life that put buying a new driver near the bottom of my wish list. And I don’t think there is anything really wrong with the driver. Just with the drivee – who is moi! So…

Bottom Line: I need to learn how to swing this club correctly and just ignore the “clunk” for the time being. It does make the whole experience more memorable! (Sigh.)

If you have any better ideas, or comments on the Cobra response, just leave those in the box below.

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