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Pat Mullaly, Editor of GolfGurls.comGolfGurls.com is the brainchild of Pat Mullaly, designer, golfer and sometime sailor (though it’s nearly impossible to both sail and golf and do both well. In fact, though surrounded by ocean on Cape Cod where she lives, Pat gave up her O’Day for the fairways in 2000 and has not looked back.)

As editor of GolfGurls and co-producer of the GettingGolfReadyProgram, Pat is eager to share what she’s learned about golf and life on the links.

If you are a beginning golfer, golfgurls.com is filled with helpful tips and information to get you started with the game. If you’ve been playing for years, you can find great information about changes in the game, new equipment and new fashions to keep you looking and playing your best.

Pat’s backstory: “The first time I ever tried golf was at a corporate outing where I was paired with three other non-golfers. We had one hysterical time and came in dead last. It was a total hoot and thoroughly enjoyable, and even though it was a disastrous round, I was hooked on golf.

“I was lucky enough to find a local public golf course here on the Cape, Old Barnstable Fairgrounds, that was holding free morning clinics for women who were just beginning to learn the game. Merry Holway, the club pro, was a great teacher and each week before sending us newbies off the back nine, she would give us a short lesson in one facet of the game. After a year of clinics, I moved up to join the ladies league and have played with them ever since.

“Once a week, I play golf with The Tee Club at the South Shore Country Club in Hingham, MA. It’s a great group of women who enjoy playing the game on those late lazy afternoons, from April to September. And in the fall, sixteen of us head south for a golf getaway. It’s always a grand adventure. I’m also a member of the women’s league at Olde Barnstable and Hyannis Golf Clubs on Cape Cod. We play competitively each week from early spring till late fall. Keeps me on my toes!”

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