How to Stay Cool on the Golf Course!

Are you a cool dude on the golf course?

I’m not talking cool as in “fashionable,” though looking good is always desirable… I’m talking cool as in temperature! Here in New England we can get some really hot and sticky days in the summer and playing golf in 90+ degrees is not unusual. Now, I know that’s nothing for you golfers who hail from the southwest of the USA, or hotspots in Australia, etc. but hot is still hot! So how do you stay cool on the course?

Imperial Hat powered by CoolCoreI was recently sent a new golf hat by Imperial, powered by CoolCore. Beautiful logo on a bright white fabric. I wore it for a couple of rounds, and the hat kept my head a little cooler than some other hats I’ve worn. But the difference wasn’t remarkable. So I asked myself, what’s the big deal? That’s when I did a little more research and realized I needed to test the hat further.

The big advantage of the CoolCore technology is evident when you play on a really hot day. The more you sweat, the fabric gets wet… and the cooler you are supposed to feel. That’s the company’s promise.* In fact, if you really want to stay cool, it’s important to wet the whole hat, shake off the excess moisture and then put it on.

I decided I needed to have someone else test the hat, and who better to ask than the starter at our home golf course! Richard stands under the hot sun all day long, checking off tee times and making sure the pace of play stays smooth. I figured his head must be hot!!! and he’d really give this CoolCore Cap a run for it. He was happy to oblige and I left him with the cap. After three or four hot days of golf I checked back to see how things had gone.

“It’s a nice enough hat, and it did keep my head cool. In fact, I wore it playing my own round of golf. Before heading out, I soaked it in water, shook the extra water off and wore it. Coolness lasted about nine holes. It was ok. Then I wore it gardening and got a major thumb print on the visor.”

I assured him I was not asking for the hat back. He was happy to add it to his collection.

Bottom Line: The CoolCore hat cooled as promised.* Guys will probably find it a big help when playing in the hot sun. But there is one major down side for the ladies. Most women I know would not be willing to soak the hat in water and then wear it. Talk about a bad hair day!!! In fact most of the gals I play with wear visors so they don’t totally mess up their hair. Once a hat goes on, it stays on!

>>> So there you have it. Thumbs up for male hot heads and down for ladies.

What do you think? Would you soak a hat in water and then put it on your head to keep cool?

CoolCore Cooling Towels

CoolCore Cooling Towels

CoolCore also has Cooling Towels, to keep you comfortable!

 * Want to know more: Here’s a blurb from their website: CoolCore, a New England-based company, is a cooling material innovator and global leader in temperature technology. CoolCore’s patented, chemical-free material delivers three distinct functions — wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. And, because it is chemical-free, the cooling benefit never washes out.

CoolCore’s materials reduce surface temperature of the fabric up to 30 percent and have earned the prestigious “Innovative Technology” recognition from the Hohenstein Institute. (Watch the video.)


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