Finding the Perfect Golf Shirt for That Guy

Finding the perfect golf shirt is not an easy task.

With only a couple of months before the holidays, I know a lot of you will be thinking of gifts for the golfers in your life. If you’re thinking polos, I think you’ll be pleased with this Performance Collection from Carnoustie.

There are dozens of good golf shirts on the market today. But I think I’ve discovered what could very well be the absolute, very best golf shirt out there.

How can I say that?

Recently I was asked to have one of my tall dark and handsome golf guys test and review a new golf shirt from Carnoustie. Knowing I wanted the unvarnished truth, I selected a golfer I know who is super fussy about what he wears on the course. Paul’s a big guy with a long drive and strong opinions. I figured if he wore the Carnoustie Polo for a round of golf, I’d get honest, straightforward feedback to pass on to you.

And I wasn’t wrong.

I had Carnoustie send him a large sized polo from their new Spring 2016 line. (I left it up to the company which color and style they sent.)

I just got back Paul’s review and here is his unedited response:

This was the most remarkable shirt/piece of fabric that I have ever put on my body! Not only does it stretch, wick and breathe, but it feels cool and very smooth to the touch. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

Last but not least is the look– great color and pattern — the way it is cut makess for an extremely attractive shirt. With the right colors — I can see a lot of people purchasing this shirt.

When I first picked the shirt up I noticed that it felt heavier than other golf shirts I have worn made with high tech fabrics. This is not a negative but merely an observation.

I have not worn it in the heat of the day on a golf course yet (fall in New England) but I will as soon as the weather cooperates.

I love this shirt!  –  Paul B.

See what I mean? Paul is not one to mince words. If he likes the shirt, you can bet he means it!

wp9c3d83de_05_06I asked Carnoustie for more details about the 2016 Spring Performance Line.

  • Comfort is very important to golfers. How does this line of polos perform in the Spring season when the weather can quickly shift from cold and raw to sunny and warm? Because of the moisture wicking properties of the fabric, this polo can easily adapt to changing weather conditions and if the weather were to turn warm, they would keep the player very comfortable and dry.
  • How accurate is the fit of these polos? Should golfers order by neck size? or just rely on standard S, M, L, XL  – Do they tend to run small? or oversize? The player should rely on their usual sizing of S, M ,L, XL or XXL. Our polos are neither slim fit nor oversized. They fit just right…not baggy and drapey the the golf shirts of the recent past….but, not excessively slim…they are just right for the American male…he will enjoy the “updated yet comfortable fit” and he will look very current.
  • Explain a bit more about the UV protection – at what level is it? Our polos are specially treated for sun protection and carry an SPF of 30.
  • You indicate these polos are Easy Care. What does that really mean? Easy care means that these polos can be machine washed and dried and require little if no ironing. They travel very well as well.  The fabric does not really wrinkle and what little wrinkles that may develop will easily hang out when the polo is placed on a hanger for a short while. It is this easy care that in our opinion is fuelling the growth in performance, more than any other feature. Folks don’t have the time or the inclination to care for golf shirts the way they used to. These wash and wear fabrics are terrific and make life easier.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a great gift for that golfing guy in your life, you should consider Carnoustie Sportswear. And don’t forget the women golfers too. Carnoustie has a great lineup of performance sportswear for women! Check out the entire collection online. provides this web site as a service to the public and is not compensated for published reviews.



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