Finally! Golf Fashions That Really Fit!

Finding just the right pair of golf shorts, or skort, or pants is not as easy as it looks.

This pre-season, I was on the hunt for the perfect short I could wear both on and off the course. They had to be just the right length — not too short, not too long, and they had to be comfortable. Nothing like a waistline pinching when I swing!  I visited the local mall, went to a few specialty stores and finally bought a pair of shorts I thought might do the trick. When I got them home I discovered they had no pockets!!!! I am a big believer in using pockets for tees, markers, etc! So back they went to the store. Frustration city!

swingcontrol-logoThen I discovered – an online retailer with golf fashions for real women golfers! Was it too good to be true? If I could get some of my readers to wear them for a round or two of golf and publish their reviews, it would be a win-win!

I contacted the PR person at SwingControl, and arranged for sample garments to be sent to three of our reader/golfers at  Getting three volunteers to do the testing was no problem! One woman received a pair of shorts, a second received a skort to wear and review, and the third selected to check out a pair of longer pants.

I asked each golfer to wear the garment during a round or two of golf, wash it and then report back. Check for fit, comfort, styling, etc. How did you feel wearing the garment? Did your friends notice or ask about what you were wearing? How easy was it to wash and wear? Would you buy the same garment for yourself or as a gift for another? Would you recommend this brand to other golfers?

The reviewers just reported back and their feedback makes a great find!

swing control fashions


Shorts:   I just love my shorts…the style was very fashion forward with great side zippers as an accent and a back zipper as well.  Perfect fit and if anything, slimming.  I wore them in a tournament yesterday and they were so comfortable and being lycra they are not binding at all. I love the color and would buy the shorts in another color as well.  So for me a win win…. A 10 all the way around!

I have now washed and worn my shorts for the second time and I love them…one of the gals today told me she loved my shorts.  As I said before—I love the style, comfort and fit! – J.W.

Skort:  I ordered a size 10 and it fit perfectly. The skort was very comfortable – no binding at any time while playing the round.  The fabric was a tad warm but it was a very warm day. The skort washed well – no shrinkage and I may be able to get away without ironing it.  The style and print are quite attractive.  I would recommend this product.  – P.W.

Fairway Crop:  The fit was great, easy to play golf. No binding, no problems. I liked the fabric. It was different—had a little sheen to it, which I liked very much. After I washed the pants they were very wrinkled and I thought they would need ironing, but the wrinkles were gone by the time the pants had air dried on a hanger. I liked the style with the slim leg and comfort waist band. I would definitely buy another pair, and recommend them to other golfers. – P.S.

Wowsa! The reviews tell the story — if you are looking for attractive, easy care golf fashions, SwingControl is a great brand to consider. The fabrics are lightweight for easy travel, fashions come in great colors and prints and according to their website, the natural stretch in the fabric allows you to wear one size smaller! Now that really would be something!!! 🙂

The perfect blend of shapewear, comfort and styling.
Super slimming fit on all body types.
The most flattering golf wear you’ll ever wear!

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  1. August 25, 2016 at 11:01 am

    I feel you when you say that is not easy to find a proper skort that fits with the rest. As a big fashionista, im spending a lot of time in front of my mirror trying different variations, until i realize that this is it, on the first place comfortable and then fashionable.
    The skort from the review is pretty interesting actually, not much narrow with the beautiful color texture design, and a cute little belt. It’s a nice combo!

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