At Last – Golf Fashions For The “Mature Golfer” Among Us

When Darlene Harwick of GoldenWear couldn’t find any golf outfits that suited her, she did what any smart entrepreneurial woman golfer would do: she created her own fashion line!

As an avid golfer and older woman, GoldenWear’s founder, Darlene, saw a huge segment of women golfers neglected in golf apparel. “Women of all ages want to be stylish,” Darlene stated. “But let’s face it, bodies change over time. Wearing the latest designs doesn’t necessarily ensure we’re going to have that same wow factor as our younger contemporaries. Many women of my generation want a little more coverage for our upper arms, thighs, or tummies. My designs flatter these areas instead of accentuating them. I believe fashion is about style, not trend — Clothes must be a statement of who we are, not who we were.” recently interviewed Darlene and asked about their upcoming spring line. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

“The focus of the GoldenWear line is to offer the mature woman golfer apparel that is flattering to her figure, comfortable to wear, fashion forward and easy to go from course to clubhouse to dinner out. We think we’ve accomplished that with our three collections: Coronado, Panther River and Chic Traditions. Each has a distinctive style. GoldenWear skorts, capris, and shorts fit on the natural waist. Pockets are cleverly sewn into side seams or are deep cut, ensuring a smooth waistline. Our tops are cut to elongate the contours of the torso and arms, eluding a soft, graceful silhouette.”

We asked GoldenWear if they would send an outfit to one of our fashion reviewers to test out on the golf courses in Marco Island this winter. They were happy to do so and sent an outfit from their Panther River Collection which is described in the recent catalog as “soft, river-like swirls of espresso, camel, green, and sapphire tones.”

Our reviewer, JK, tested the outfit on her latest round. Here is her feedback:

“I received a top and shorts to review. Both fit very well and were very comfortable to wear. Fabric was very light and airy. I was easily able to swing my golf club without any restriction. Unfortunately, it rained a bit while I was playing and the fabric did not dry as quickly as I would have liked.

“Also, I am a “winter” in terms of my preferred color palette, so the Panther River collection which has a warm color range was not the most flattering for me. However I would be interested in trying another outfit from one of their other collections. My taste goes towards black and white.” (Too bad we didn’t think of color palettes when we asked Darlene for her samples. One of their outfits from the Chic Traditions or Coronado would probably have been a better choice for JK. Our mistake!)

Bottom line: GoldenWear is a great source for golf fashions for the older woman golfer. All three collections have mix and match skorts, tops, bottoms, even dresses so you can create many styles within one collection. View them all at the GoldenWear website.

The Goldenwear Collections are now available at many private golf club pro shops in the southwest USA and/or online. If you don’t see GoldenWear fashions at your pro shop, ask your pro shop manager to consider adding them to his inventory.

We award GoldenWear 4 Tees

  2 comments for “At Last – Golf Fashions For The “Mature Golfer” Among Us

  1. March 2, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    Golden Wear golf apparel is flattering, stylish and comfortable at the same time, perfect for the mature women golfers both for on and off the golf course.

  2. JHT
    February 23, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    I never seen this line of clothing before. Thanks for the information. I will definitely check out their website.

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