Golf and Booze! Is It Good For The Game?

41Wr7n8ON+LGolf and booze seem to be partners on many golf courses. My home courses on Cape Cod are munis (owned by the town) and don’t sell booze on either course. In fact, there isn’t even water fountains or kegs on the course. It’s a liability issue for the town, I’ve been told. Some bozo put something in the water a few years ago and all the water kegs were pulled. Liquor is not tolerated either. Although the trash bins on almost every hole always have a few beer cans in them at the end of a hot summer day. Obviously, a lot of golfers bring their own choice of beverage when they play. In fact, there are lots of contraptions (drink dispensers disguised as golf clubs! and fancy flasks complete with tees and repair tools) available for purchase. Entertain your friends, serve up a pint as you play!

Golf Traveler's Flask

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having liquor on the golf course. I played in a tournament recently. It was cold, raw and rainy and before we gathered at the first tee, one of the women pulled out a flask and a fist full of paper cups and encouraged each of us to sip a bit of brandy. “To keep the chill away,” she said. I was grateful for the warmth the brandy bestowed. I’ve even sipped a scotch or two while playing on private courses in Florida. Helps “smooth out” the edges of a rotten round of golf. I was playing very badly, lost what seemed like dozens of balls and I needed to relax. The drink helped a little.

These stories of golf and booze are all very simple and “no big deal.” Nothing to worry about. But I’ve also seen the opposite, when too much drinking makes golfers play “stupid golf” and drive golf carts into stone walls. The friend of a good friend killed herself smashing her golf cart into a tree and rolling into a lake after she drank too much.

I came across an article recently that goes into some depth on the question of alcohol and golf. Click on the title:The Effect of Alcohol On Your Golf if you want to read it.

So here’s the question: Golf and Booze! Is it good for the game? Is it good for YOUR game? Add your comments below.

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