Golf in Florida – A New Golf Travel Bag

It’s a new golf season!

Playing golf in sunny Florida is great anytime of the year, but in early March, with snow still on the ground here in the northeast, it is more than time to head south and get in a few rounds. Friends who have just returned tell me the temperatures are unexpectedly cool – in the 60s! That’s perfect weather for me. I’m not a hot golfer, temp wise or othewise! But I do try and after four months of practicing my putting on the living room rug, I am looking forward to just getting out there.

I bought a new golf travel bag. The old one had been beaten to a pulp by the baggage handlers over the last few years and was ripping along the seams and the zipper was done for. The new one is a Tour Trek Orion. Found it online at I read all the reviews and checked comparable dealers. Golfsmith had the best deal—and FREE shipping! It should last for years. The only problem and it is minor… the bag is black with little bits of hot yellow gold… which is fine. I’ll be able to spot it right away coming down the baggage ramp!— unless someone else has one. It’s a really good bag so that might happen. They’ll look like all these giant bumble bee golf bags.

Features I like:

  • There are plenty of pockets, both exterior and interior
  • Interior straps that secure your golf bag so it doesn’t shift around
  • Plenty of padding to protect the clubs
  • Suprisingly light
  • Wheels are in-line similar to roller blades, they move very easily
  • Extra strap on the exterior to hold a small carry-on… I was able to manage with a computer bag, a carry-on and the golf bag without a problem

Features I’m not crazy about:

  • the opening on the front is a peel away style, think two zippers that connect at the top. You have to move that zipper closure to the side rather than at the top, otherwise when you pull on the top handle you can easily peel the cover back. It’s an easy fix, but the first time I accidentally opened the bag in the middle of the terminal!
  • That’s it.

Our Review: We give this bag 4 Red Tees!

As to the plan for golf: I’m traveling with non-golfers so I will be heading out alone. I found the Orange County National Golf Center on line not far from where we are staying. They have a great practice range and I plan on heading there first. Got to warm up these muscles! Their practice facility is not just a driving range and putting green but also includes a 9-hole short course. That might be just what I need.

I’ll be reporting back soon to give you the latest news of my southern adventure.

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