Golf In Ireland? Episode Two: 50 Days To Pack

Golf In IrelandWe’re traveling to Ireland for golf in 50 days and I wanted to keep you up to date with all our plans and preparations. We have 50 days to plan and pack our bags and this morning I spent a little time talking to my golfing companion, Noreen, Noreenand thought you’d like to listen in as we discuss what to bring, what to pack, what to wear, where we will go on the first day…  all those nitty gritty details you need to work out when you are traveling abroad.

The (our golf tour company) have planned our first day and it is impressive! I do not do well sleeping on planes so the first thing I’ll want to do is find a bed. Is this a waste of valuable vacation time? Probably. But if I don’t get at least a couple hours to lie horizontal and close my eyes, I am no good for the rest of the day.

Powerscourt Estate, IrelandFortunately our first day is an “easy traveling” day. We get picked up at the Dublin airport by our guides (no taxis, buses or trains involved, thank goodness) and will be taken to our first lodgings for a chance to rest and regroup. Then a short tour of the area to get our bearings and then lunch at the fabulous Powerscourt Estate. If the weather is warm and sunny as it will be (I am surrounding the entire golf adventure with white light for good weather!), we should be able to eat on the terrace, and the gardens should be in full bloom.

The Estate has an impressive golf course, but we won’t be playing there. We have four days of golf scheduled to play at courses throughout the southeast of Ireland, so taking it easy on the first day is fine with us.

If you’ve traveled to Ireland or golfed there, share your experience in a comment below. What should we expect? Your advice is welcome!

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