Golf Is Not A Cheap Sport! How Much Should You Really Spend?

If you’re like most golfers, you realize how expensive it can be to play this game. Between equipment, practice range fees, lessons, club membership, not to mention greens fees, it’s not a sport for the frugal! So how much should you spend? Is it wise to set up a budget and then stick to it? When it comes to equipment, things can quickly get out of hand.

Guest author, Thomas Johnsen has some ideas that might help.

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How Much to Spend on Golf Equipment Annually

Guest Author: Thomas Johnsen

When considering leisure time activities such as sports, say golf for instance, one factor to consider is how much to spend on equipment annually. The range would differ significantly depending on where the equipment will be purchased and how much is needed. Another aspect to consider would be the level of expected usage of said equipment, which obviously would differ significantly from person to person.

If purchased separately at different retailers the cost of equipment could be very substantial, however there are several ways to maximize buying dollars, one of which is necessity. First things first: How much equipment is needed? This would be one of the first steps to take in considering how much to spend. Is the potential buyer a daily golfer, or do they just play occasionally? The second thing to consider is what equipment is needed on a yearly basis. An avid or professional golfer would almost certainly need more equipment than a “weekend warrior” would.

Once these questions are answered, the next thing to consider would be where to purchase, as well as how. With the incredible power of the internet, potential buyers can cut out the “middle man” and go the wholesale route to save money, or stick with department and specialty shops if more information and customer service are important factors in decision making. There are tons of sites that cater to the sporting goods market in general, or particular sites that serve the needs of true golf aficionados only. Which one will be used depends more on personal preference or exact needs of the potential clientele.

Also worth considering is whether the potential buyers require new or used equipment. If having the newest equipment on the market is not a big concern, then there is plenty of quality used equipment to be had at a fraction of the price that new equipment would cost. This cost effective strategy would prove very effective to those golfers who are on a spending budget, or would just like to save on costs. The biggest concern should be how much one can afford to spend on golf equipment annually, then the question of how much to could easily be answered.

So for the average golfer or the fanatic the question to answer remains the same: How much equipment do I expect to use in a year? This could be broken down in a variety of ways: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. The cost could also be figured out by types of usage and calculated “wear and tear” of a particular product. Research is necessary before making any decisions, and honesty is a must when considering expected usage. The average golfer’s cost might be minimal in comparison to the fanatics, but the important thing to consider isn’t how much the equipment might cost, but how important that equipment is to you.

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    Pat, Thanks for the comment and the great posts !! The GolfMoolah app won’t launch for another couple weeks so that is why you couldn’t find it during your search…..will keep you up to date when it’s good to go, thanks once again

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    Thanks for the comment… will check out your GolfMoolah iPhone app! I tried a search for GolfMoolah and could not find it… so send along the name and I will do a review!

  3. GolfMoolah says:

    It does seem that golf can be a pricey sport but for the most part …people i know have favorites and have a hard time giving them up. I see new drivers all the time but when it comes to new irons, not so much….the feel and touch are hard to get comfortable with thus people including myself hanging onto ones that they like the most. I guess in short, i abide by the theory if you like something and it feels good stick with it !! LOL

    Terence Fitzpatrick
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