How To Buy Golf Equipment For Kids

Holiday time is just around the corner and you might be thinking it’s time to get your kids involved in golf. Do they require special equipment? Here’s some great advice from guest post author, Beth Myers, a mom with experience!

Get Your Kids In the Swing of Things

Guest Author: Beth Myers

Young Girl GolferWhen getting your kids started playing golf, you want to balance providing them with quality equipment while not breaking the bank. It is important to understand the aspects of a set of clubs that you need to pay attention to in order for them to fit your youngsters developing swing. Golf is a hard enough game with perfect equipment – don’t make it any harder on them than it needs to be. The following four pointers will guide you directly to the perfect set of clubs for your kids.

  1. Lightweight. The old practice of cutting down adult clubs to kid length has become less popular, and for good reason. Even with a shorter shaft, the club head is still weighted for adults as opposed to kids. Also, the remaining length of the shaft will be too heavy, especially if it is steel. Picking out clubs made specifically for kids, and preferably ones with graphite shafts.
  2. Slightly Longer Than Perfect. Kids get taller – breaking news, I know. By purchasing a set of clubs that are just a little bit longer than a perfect fit, you can get clubs that will work now and into the future. There is nothing wrong with having to choke up a little bit at first, as long as they are on clubs that otherwise work from a weight and flex perspective.
  3. Full Set Of Wedges. The tendency when buying kids clubs is to cut the set short when it comes to wedges. If anything, skip a long iron or two to ensure they have a pitching wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge. When learning the short game, it’s critical to have all of the weapons available to you. By having all the wedges in the bag, and learning how to use them, your young ones will be ahead of the curve.
  4. Stand Bag. There are some advantages to having kids use a pull cart when they are new to the game, but I still have a soft spot for golfers that carry their bag. All of us can use more physical activity, and carrying your bag for a round of golf is a better workout than most would realize. Once kids learn the basics of the game, there is no reason they can’t carry their clubs and having a stand bag is a great help. A quality stand bag will make it easy to take the clubs on and off of their backs, and keep the clubs up out of the wet and dirty ground.

We all know how hard golf is. The game plays no favorites, and will beat up even the most accomplished player from time to time. If you are able to purchase your child a well-fitting set of clubs right from the start, you are going to give them the best chance at success. Don’t confuse well-fitting with expensive, however. With a little shopping around online, you should be able to locate quality clubs designed for kids that don’t break the bank.

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Beth Myers is a passionate golfer, mother & wife…not in that order.  She writes for East Coast Golf Sales on all things women’s golf – you could say she is a little obsessed.  Be sure to follow her on twitter @GolfBeth

Thinking about buying golf equipment for the kids in your life? Leave your ideas and advice in the comment area below.
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