One Divine Putter: Callaway Odyssey Divine Mini T

Putting can be a divine experience (excuse the pun!) when you are using this special putter from Callaway.

Callaway Odyssey PutterAt we get a lot of products to review. And we are lucky to have a lot of great golfers nearby to test and give their feedback. This next product was one everyone was eager to test: The Odyssey Divine Mini T Putter.

Here’s the description from the Callaway website:

A new putter designed specifically for women that helps fund a good cause. The radical mallet head features perimeter weighting with Hi-Def Alignment for total accuracy and control. With softer aesthetics, ideal weighting and a new insert developed from women’s preferences during testing, the Divine Mini T Putter has everything you need to sink more putts from anywhere on the green.

  • Soft Finish: Creates a beautiful, elegant look that will appeal to a wide range of women golfers.
  • Divine Insert: Slightly softer than White Ice™ and a little firmer than White Hot XG®, this insert provides the feel and roll preferred by women during research and testing.
  • Milled Tungsten Insert: The heavier putterheads enhance feel and control during the stroke.

We asked a number of women golfers to try out the Divine Putter and asked them to pay attention to the following elements: style, appearance, feel, balance, weight, effective stroke and rate each of these elements on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the best rating.

Overall, the average score from our reviewers fell between a 4 and a 5.

As far as the feel of the putter, the sense of weight and balance — the average review was a 5. Every woman who tried the putter remarked on how light and easy it was to swing. Great balance and easy grip resulted in great putting.

The look of the putter is a little unusual and takes some getting used to. Most reviewers were eager to test the putter and although the look and shape of the mallet head was a little different from what most had used in the past, they were willing to give the putter a try. Results trumped initial reaction to the look.

The Bottom Line: Almost every woman who tested the putter gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Callaway has always been a favorite club choice among women and the Divine Putter is no exception.

Would you purchase this club for yourself? Would you recommend it to another player? The answer to both questions from each of our reviewers, was a positive. (Editor’s note: since our review, several of the women testing the product have bought the putter for themselves! which is a great testimony in itself.)

Final result: We give the Women’s Odyssey Divine Mini T Putter 5 tees! Our top recommendation.

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