Can Wearing The Right Golf Shoes Improve Your Golf Game?

When Micky Gallas arrived at her golf club without her golf shoes, she was faced with a choice. Either skip the round all together or play the eighteen holes with the wedge style shoes she was wearing. Micky loves golf too much to just give up and go home. She grabbed her clubs and headed for the first tee, wedges and all. Her friends wondered if she could play well enough, but surprise, surprise! as she told it to me when I met Micky at the PGA Show in Orlando this past January, she actually played the best round of golf she had ever played!

Her sons are great golfers. When she got home after her fabulous round, she couldn’t help but brag about her good luck, and the fact that she had played the entire time wearing wedge shoes.

“Well, no wonder you had a great round of golf,” they surmised. “You were up on the balls of your feet the whole time. The shape of your wedges throws your weight forward just enough to make your swing that much more effective!”

And that is when light began to dawn! Micky Gallas had stumbled onto a great new concept in the design of golf shoes: increase the height of the heel just enough to shift the golfer’s feet forward which is exactly what your supposed to do when you address the ball. If she could design a golf shoe that did the work for you, that would be a true innovation.

That was June of 2008 when TipTeeToe Ladies Golf Shoes was born. Four years later this wedge sole designed golf shoe is getting great reviews.

TipTeeToe Golf ShoesAbout the shoe: Tip Tee Toe is the world’s first wedge sole designed golf shoe promoting better balance and stability when addressing and hitting the golf ball. This most talked about new golf shoe takes women from the course directly into the clubhouse or around town for dinner or drinks. The look is contemporary, innovative, and stylish.

Tip Tee Toe® is the ideal shoe that delivers unique style from the array of fun colors to the unique wedge sole design and handy ball markers. “Look Good and Play Well” with Tip Tee Toe!

At the show, I asked Micky whether the shoe gave a special advantage to the golfer. To answer that question, she assured me that the shoes conform to all USGA rules. The design is now patented.

“I wanted to create a shoe that would look great and play well on the golf course and also look good off the course. The shoes are spikeless so it’s easy to just go from the course to dinner or to shop, and we recommend golfers wear  “no shoe socks” which are so low, they disappear from view. You can easily wear the TipTeeToe shoe both on and off the golf course.”

We decided to have one of our readers test the TipTeeToe golf shoe and arranged to have a pair sent to Anne B. who is playing golf this winter in Florida. She eagerly agreed to be a reviewer. I sent her to the website to choose a color combination and size. The shoes come in variations of Black, White with Black, White and Hot Pink trim. Each one comes with a ball marker on the strap.

TipTeeToe ShoesAfter playing a round or two in her new TipTeeToe golf shoes, Anne sent us an email and included a picture! The following is just a portion of her feedback.

I received my beautiful golf shoes. They are really sharp! Arrived in perfect condition well packaged and individually wrapped in a white bag with a shoehorn. As an added feature they have ball markers for clips on the side of each shoe. So convenient, in just the right place when you want to mark your ball. They are a little snug but I’m using a stretcher and I’m sure the leather will break in easily.

I played really well with the shoes and felt well balanced the whole round. The shoes provide a solid foundation when I swing. I was afraid that the wedge might be too high or noticeable to others, but it is not. The angle is just right.

I really like them and am happy to recommend them to my friends.

Where can you get a pair of TipTeeToe Golf Shoes? They are available online at the website and also in better pro shops across the country. If you don’t have them at your shop, ask the manager to order them. They are also available at one of our advertiser’s websites: Lori’s Golf Shoppe.

I’m going to buy a pair as a gift to myself! 🙂

We give the shoes 4.5 Tees!!!

  3 comments for “Can Wearing The Right Golf Shoes Improve Your Golf Game?

  1. Carla Ellacott
    February 23, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    I’m trying my best to purchase tip tee toe golf shoes and can’t find them anywhere,

    • March 13, 2017 at 4:51 pm

      Hi Carla. I’ve done a search as well, and it looks like they have pulled the product. They were great shoes and I know other golfers loved them. But the shoe industry is sooo competitive… hope they find a way to come back, but I think they are no longer being sold.

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