Golf Shopping: Latest Golf Shoes, Shirts and Skorts!!!

Looking to update your golf fashion closet?

Each year about this time we golfers dig through our golf bags, storage closets and begin to evaluate what to keep and what to toss among all the golf shirts, shorts, skorts and shoes we have accumulated during the last season. For some of you, choosing your next great golf outfit will focus on simplicity and function. As long as it still fits and doesn’t constrict your swing, a comfortable old polo shirt is just fine. I have a couple of those that I’ve worn so many times the sun has faded the seams. I like to think that the “worn” look is hip. But it’s really not true. And buying at least one new outfit to celebrate the upcoming season here in North America is a great idea. After all, I’m worth it. Right?

So what is really hip? What are the latest golf fashions this year? Well, I’ve done a little research and discovered a few good collections you might well explore.

Sandbaggers LogoFor shoes, consider Sandbaggers.

Bena style from Sandbaggers
Prisma Style from Sandbaggers

These are beautiful shoes both on and off the course. They are that stylish. When I was at the PGA show this year I had a chance to talk with one of the designers, Anna Gilbert. The interview is short (only about 3 minutes) but Anna is so enthusiastic about Sandbaggers, you can’t help but catch her passion for their line. They promise both style and comfort, no matter where you play, and of course, the fit is guaranteed.


. . . . .

Want to step up your game this year with some high stepping fashion? Check out these great websites for a full line of fashion and accessories:

Queen of the Green FashionsQueen of the Green …from our cousins across “the pond”… a golf brand for those confident women, looking for something new in their Sportswear. Queen of the Green is a truly daring, progressive, classy ‘royal but not ancient’ brand of golf clothing. At last, the reign of male dominance in golf can be truly challenged!

short sleeve top from Golf4HerGolf4Her… with an extensive line of women’s golf clothing, accessories and gear, Golf4Her features many of the top designers in golf. You will find tops, bottoms, outerwear, rangewear, accessories, bags and gear as well as specialty items in their online gift shop.

Susie Shortlegs LogoSusie Shortlegs… Looking for that perfect pair of golf shorts? Susie Shortlegs premium shorts are for on and off the course, come in three different designs and fits for all types of shapes, and sizes. Classy enough to wear out on the town and comfortable for action on the golf course. wrote a review of this product line a while ago and the shorts got a really strong thumbs up! Visit their website soon!… for a  limited time they are running a sale on these great shorts.

. . . . .

So there you have it… four great websites to explore new fashions and gear for the coming season.

Do you have a favorite fashion website? Use the comment box below and recommend a great fashion resource for our readers.

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  1. Letta Meinen
    April 4, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Yes it is time to take stock of your golf clothes and golf equipment. I ordered two new pair of shorts from Susie Shortlegs and these fit the older sagging body. Also ordered a new pair of golf shoes. I received a surprise gift certificate of $150.00 to our golf shop from our library. This was for the extra work I do for them which was a nice surprise.

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