Golf Survey Results: What do women golfers want in 2020?


Recently we conducted another survey of our GolfGurls members and golfers who visit our FB group. The results were not surprising. In fact they echo the results we got from our last two surveys, one in 2016 and again in 2018

Of those who responded, the vast majority are in their mid 50s, play golf to network and stay fit. They are serious about the game and they are willing to spend a good deal of money on their favorite pastime.

Some survey highlights:

  • Over 80% are happy to spend money on golf lessons and instruction. Good news for courses running clinics!
  • Staying up to date on the new rules and the World Handicap System is important to the majority of players (But we received a mix of responses as most golfers play for the fun of the game, not for prizes.) Editor’s note: If the prize was $$$ instead of a pair of golf socks or a plaque, golfers might feel differently.)
  • Our readers are playing at amateur level with handicaps: 2% scratch or higher; 4% with handicaps of 5 – 10; and the vast majority of players between 15 – 30.)
  • There is a keen interest in golf fashions and equipment reviews. Over 60% buy their golf apparel online and read online reviews before going shopping online or at their local retail shop.
  • 40% of our readership buy golf balls and similar accessories from online vendors.
  • 30% highlighted Golf Fitness and Nutrition as a major interest.
  • 20% look online for golf destinations and golf travel deals.
  • And finally age: our readership is primarily the mid-age to – older crowd. Retired, or semi-retired, with the time and resources to play and travel for golf. Memberships are evenly split between public and private clubs.

What next? Golf in 2020 is having a tough time playing around the Corona Virus pandemic: golf tournaments postponed or cancelled; clubs closed, competitions put off, and golf travel? Nearly impossible.

But we know, golf will survive as long as there are players who sill want to swing a club and join in the game. Meanwhile. we hope for a brighter future in 2021.

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