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I just came back from playing golf in Ireland. Seven days, four courses. Three of them along the coastline of the Irish Sea. We were lucky with our weather. Most days were sunny, but cold and windy. I was very happy to have my new Fila Golf Sweater along. Light, easy to care for, and very comfortable, I was glad I packed it.

Fila Golf SweaterIt’s hard to find a good sweater that keeps you warm and toasty and doesn’t bulk up when you’re swinging your club. This one was just brilliant for that. (Brilliant is a word my friends in Ireland often use to mean fabu! or grand! or mahvelous.) The Fila sweater was brilliant!

Although I loved the sweater, I left it behind with my friend Jo. She lives in Dublin and her weather is a lot cooler and wet in the summers than our weather on Cape Cod . We’re having some cool, rainy days right now, but soon the temps will shoot up to the 90s and lock in for the summer season. Knowing I wouldn’t need the sweater while I play golf here in the states, I left my lovely Fila behind. I’ll get it next time I cross the pond.

If you’re looking for a warm sweater for yourself or as a gift, check out the selections from Fila Sports! They’re not inexpensive, but well worth the price as they will last you years of wearing. This Fila Golf Women’s Stockolm Knit is now available online at Sears.

Worth a look.

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