How to Play Golf, a Complete Beginner’s Guide

Guest Author, Mary Smith, is involved in digital marketing for The Europe Hotel & Resort, a five star luxury hotel, located in Co. Kerry, Ireland. “Our hotel is located adjacent to Killarney Golf & Fishing Club and there are lots of other golf courses in close proximity.”

Mary produced an infographic on the topic ‘How to Play Golf! A Complete Beginner’s Guide.’ ” Click on the link below to download and print out a copy for yourself or your clubhouse.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (The R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA) govern the sport of golf worldwide. While the rules are many and varied, for the complete beginner, quick-guide-coverthe best place to start is to review the R&A’s Quick Guide to the Rules. These rules take everything from getting started, to relief situations and procedures, to lost, provisional, and unplayable balls into account.

Once you have learned the basic rules, you need to understand the golf handicap system which in the vast majority of amateur competitions allows for players of any ability to compete fairly against one another. Novices to the game should also practice how to swing a golf club, which can take time to master, as well as perfect their golf club grip. For example, having a firm grip of the club at the point of impact with the ball gives you better control of the strike. When you go to begin your swing, your grip should be a happy medium between tight and loose.

InfoGraphicCoverOther considerations for golf novices include assessing and correcting their stance and chipping techniques. Crucially, golf is a sport that has a real respect for etiquette and procedures. All beginners should learn about the correct way to treat the course, the equipment, and other players.

For an illustrated look at how to play golf for complete beginners, click here to have a look at the infographic created by The Europe Hotel & Resort, or see their more detailed online guide here.