This Golf Towel Really Works!!!


A golf towel that does the job!

Do you ever play golf in the rain? or mist? or on a dewy morning before the sun has dried out the fairways? Then you know how important it is to have a golf towel on your bag to wipe things down and keep them tidy. Nothing like having a golf ball caked with mud from that puddle in the fairway to make you appreciate a good towel that will sop off the mud and clean your ball.

The other day I played a round on my home course just hours after the grounds crew had spread a stinky fertilizer across all the greens. The course smelled like the inside of a cow barn! Yikes! But it wasn’t just the smell that was a pain. Every time I putted, my ball picked up these nasty little brown bits of organic fertilizer and they stuck! If I ever needed a Greens Towel it was that morning.

Luckily I had just received a packet of three Greens Towels to review and I happily passed two to my golf buddies and used the third one myself.

This is my review: The towel is soft and super absorbent and I love the size. It’s big enough to do the job, but not so big as to make you think you’re carrying a pillowcase on your golf bag. It’s simply a great towel. The easy clip makes it a cinch to unclip it from your bag and take it to the green to keep your clubs dry, or wipe your ball.

And here’s the comment from one of my golf partners who tried it out. The Greens Towel was great.  It cleaned gunk off of my clubs – early morning wet and mud.  It’s lightweight and I like the clip that can easily attach the towel to your golf bag or belt loop.  I’d highly recommend this towel based on today’s performance.  ~ P.W.

The Greens Towel is available in retail shops and online at They come in  3 packs, 6 packs and in a variety of colors. Price is under $5.00 and is well worth it.

If you are planning a corporate tournament? The Greens Towel would make a great gift for your players.

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