Best Golf Vacations: Top 5 Exotic International Golf Destinations

Looking for your best golf vacation? Are you ready for something exciting, exotic and international? Guest author, Annie Bonneville, names her top 5 golf destinations you should consider before you book your next golf vacation! These should definitely be added to your “bucket list” of places to play!

Top 5 Exotic International Golf Destinations 

Golfing, from leisure activity to professional sport: Golf as a sport has been largely embraced by the world and is no longer an activity that is kept confined to the reaches of retired individuals. People from all age groups take part in golfing whether at a competitive level or just for some fun time. Even minority players and female sports persons have gained significant popularity owing to better worldwide telecast of televised tournaments. While some would prefer to indulge in their favorite sporting pastime at the local golf courses which they feel are the best imaginable locations, for others it is travelling to an exotic destination that carries all the thrills and excitement of taking part in a round of teeing off. One possible reason for this choice is that during the winter months, especially, the local golf courses at most parts of the United Kingdom hardly resemble the places people would normally flock to on weekend mornings during the summer months, with their tired, weather-worn and unwelcoming looks brought about by the harsh chills of winter. Here we look at the five greatest and most exotic of all locations around the world for being a part of the golfing experience.

The Legend Golf and Safari Resort, Limpopo, South Africa: One of the best destinations in terms of exotic golfing experience, this course is located within a huge conservation area and provides access to a unique collection of wildlife. With the design of each hole having been carried out by a different professional golfer for matching an altogether different concept or style that seamlessly blends together into one, this golf course to the south of the equator is undoubtedly one of the most unique courses in golfing. And for those who never feel content with just eighteen holes, a special nineteenth hole that can be accessed only by helicopter has also been exclusively designed. What’s more, the green landing area resembles the shape of the African continent.

Montgomerie Golf Links, Vietnam: Southeast Asia continues to present itself as a cheap travel destination so there is ample justification in splashing out the cash for some fun and leisurely time at this excellent resort designed by professional golf course designer David Montgomerie. There is also an unbelievably beautiful beach located nearby. Also the local population is one of the friendliest groups that one is likely to ever come across anywhere in the world. Vietnam is still in its infancy stage as far as being a part of the global golfing scenario is concerned so it would be highly recommended that interested people drop in at the earliest.

La Iguana, Herradura Bay, Costa Rica: More than just an exotic course for leisurely golfing, this course throws a challenge to the natural golfing abilities of all individuals and is largely considered to be one of the finest and most challenging tournament courses. Set slightly back from one of the most beautiful and majestic beaches along the Costa Rican coastline, it is also home to an abundant collection of wildlife. The caddies at the course are very potent in pointing out sloths, iguanas, monkeys, toucans and a whole host of other animals that have adopted this course as their home. Also the convenience provided by the Los Suenos resort at the site is simply unrivaled and unparalleled.

Verdura Golf and Spa Resort, Sicily, Italy: A new and modern golfing destination set overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this course has all the amenities that one would hope to come across at an exotic location. With a setting in such a beautiful location, it may be a tough job to tear oneself away from appreciating the small towns of Sicily and sampling on the local offerings of food, colour and wine to get a move on with the game. However, achieving this difficult job may present itself with another issue in the form of some of the best golfing competition that is there to be found in Italy.

Old Head Golf Course, County Cork, IrelandOld Head Golf Links, Cork, Ireland: (Editor’s Note: Ireland has a surprisingly temperate climate – if you can play in temps that seldom dip below 50 degrees farenheit… then Ireland is your golf destination any time of the year.) For what is possibly the best golfing course there is in the world, not making a mention of Old Head is simply a revolting insult to the place. A magnificent piece of geographical creation, the land surface juts more than a couple of miles into the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, producing a stunningly beautiful panoramic background for enchanting players of the highest caliber. Whether the weather cooperates or not, this golf course is the ultimate and most beautiful place in the world for an experience at teeing off.

Has this been an inspiration enough for trying out one of the best names in the world of golfing destinations? Taking a trip to one of these exotic locations can not only be a fulfilling experience in terms of golfing but also with respect to the vast wealth of cultural opportunities that is there on offer. For making your flight bookings to one of these destinations, call on the Manchester Airport number and avail special offers that may be there from the various airline services.

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Have you played at one of these courses? Use the comment space below to tell us what it was like? Or if you’ve never played one of these, do you want to?


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  1. Megan
    August 26, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    I haven’t been to any of these beautiful courses but I read about Old Head at
    and it looks amazing.

    • August 26, 2013 at 12:20 pm

      If you are ever in Ireland you should play Druids Glen or Mount Juliet… both are parkland style, or Charlesland if you want a links experience. All three are just fine courses. Also try Port Marnock if you want the challenge of playing against the winds of the Irish Sea. Lots of fun.

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