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Golfing in the Cold! Is It Worth the Effort?

I played golf on the front nine at my local country club the other day. The temp was in the mid-40’s and though the weatherman promised it would get up into the mid 50’s by mid afternoon, the thermometer never budged. My three companions were equally addicted and they played all played equally well. I…

Is It Important to Have An Official Golf Handicap?

Many players when they first begin the game of golf, are simply focused on learning the game. They choose to play for a variety of reasons: for business networking, social gatherings, or just to have fun. But after a few rounds of golf, a player interested in improving her game and playing with a variety…

Your Golf Handicap: Staying Honest

Some players like having a high handicap as it allows them to take extra strokes when competing against players with a lower GHIN number. Others prefer to keep their handicap artificially low so they appear to be a better player than they really are.

Playing games with your GHIN number does nothing for your game. If you have a GHIN number, then honor the system. Submit honest scores. Your game and your attitude will improve.