Hot Debate: Are Adjustable Drivers and Fairway Woods Good For Your Golf Game?

Are Adjustable Drivers and Fairway Woods Good For Your Golf Game?

A few months ago I was given an adjustable driver from Tour Edge to review. Love the club and use it every time I play. (Read my review: I like it so much I even made a short video and published it on YouTube! – It’s corny but gets the point across…

But here’s the thing….  When my golf pro discovered I was using an adjustable driver she gave me #$%@! and insisted that if I was going to use the club, I had to set it at neutral which equals = no adjustment!

Her point: “You need to learn to hit it straight and not rely on the club to fix your swing!”

She’s right of course, but if you don’t have time to practice and fix your swing, or you have some disability (i.e. bad back, shoulders, nasty hips) and you have a swing you can’t fix… maybe there is a place for an adjustable club.

I just saw an ad for adjustable fairway woods from Cobra. Here’s the core of the promo:

Cobra BioCell WoodCobra BiO CELL Fairway Wood – MyFly™ Technology gives you the ability to dial in distance gaps and manage trajectories for you individual needs.

  • Cobra promises more distance and accuracy
  • You can change lofts so you have the set up you want (IMPORTANT!!! Don’t try changing lofts in the middle of a round of golf. That’s a big No No!)
  • A hot face – big enough to be forgiving

Those are the keys points. They also promote “ultra-modern looks to impress your golf buddies”, great sound on impact, and really easy to swing. (These “extras” sound like marketing fluff to me… but I’m a skeptic.)

Is this push for adjustable drivers and woods really helping the game of golf, or is it just a lot of hoopla to get us to buy more clubs?

I’m still trying to figure this out… what do you think? Do you own an adjustable? Would you want one? Add your voice to the debate by commenting below.

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