How To Get 4 Strokes Making Only One Putt

Ever have just “one of those days” on the golf course?

You’d have a tough time matching this golf debacle!

How can you get 4 strokes when you only made one? In this short video you can see how even a golf pro can lose it!!!  

  1. First, he makes a putt… and unfortunately misses the hole, but only by a smidgen! (That’s the first stroke…)
  2. In frustration, he tosses his putter towards the hole, and instantly realizes that’s a big mistake. He tries to grab the club but “Oops!” the club lands in just the wrong spot and hits the ball again. (That’s a one stroke penalty Rule 18.2 -18-2 – A player, partner or caddy who moves or causes his ball to move while at rest generally incurs a one-stroke penalty. That’s the second stroke!)
  3. Having lost his balance, the golfer flops face down on the green, and TADAH!
  4. the ball rolls right into his elbow. (And that’s a two stroke penalty! Rule 19.2 -In stroke or match play, if a player’s ball is accidentally deflected or stopped by himself, his partner or their caddies, the player incurs a one-stroke penalty. If it was deliberate, Rule 1-2 applies and a two-stroke penalty or loss of the hole is assessed. That’s strokes three and four.) Now there’s a question here if this poor fellow caused the deflection because he was angry and set this string of events in motion… or could his elbow getting hit by his own ball be considered an accident?  What do you think? Might be time to call in the Tournament Official….? The poor golfer couldn’t have planned it any better! Sigh.

Has anything like this happened to you? Add your comments or tell your story in the space below.

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