How to Travel Light for Golf

Taking a golf vacation this season? Do you really need to carry all your golf equipment with you?

If you are like most golfers who live in the northern hemisphere, winter is a drag. You long for the warm days of summer and dream of traveling south to escape the cold and dreary days of winter.

Golf clubs in golf bag

This year, I decided to make a break for it and headed to Florida for two weeks in the West Palm Beach area.

I stayed and played with friends and had a great time. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of packing all my clubs, shoes, etc. in my heavy cart bag and paying for the extra baggage which can get pricey depending on your airline! **(Ship Stix is another solution I have tried. Read this previous post for details.)

But this year, I evaluated the where, what and how I would be playing the game and decided to trim things down. My friend lives on an executive golf course, i.e. 9 holes, a lot of par 3’s. Why drag my big clubs if I’m unlikely to use them? Besides, focusing on my short game with just my hybrids and irons was a good decision for how I’m playing right now.

I decided to buy a smaller bag – a “Sunday Bag” to carry my clubs. There are many on the market. Some are as simple as a case with a shoulder strap that will hold about four clubs and a putter. But I needed something a little larger and with pockets for balls, glove, tees and a bottle of water.

I was familiar with the executive course we would be playing. No golf carts allowed. I would have to carry my bag as I walked along. My shoulders have been giving me trouble lately, so I needed a bag with something more than a shoulder strap. And I wanted it to have legs, so I wouldn’t just drop it on the ground.

I found the perfect golf bag/Sunday bag solution on Amazon. : Cost: Under $50.

Sunday golf bag for golfers.

It’s light and easy to carry. I was easily able to carry 4 irons and a hybrid or two plus a putter. The Sunday Bag served me well for the entire vacation. The one day we played at a regulation course, I borrowed my friends driver. We played a friendly scramble format so no worries there. Our focus was on practice and keeping in shape for the coming season.

One more plus: The small Sunday Bag easily fit into my larger golf travel bag. I filled the rest of the space with clothes and, of course, my favorite pillow. That kept my carry-on bags to a minimum of one. $$$ saved! 🙂

Would you consider using a Sunday Bag for your next golf vacation? Do you want all your clubs all the time? Add your comment below.

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