What Jane Frost Can Teach You About Golf – The Game You Can Never Win!

In the world of golf there is one truism that is absolute: You can never win at golf, you can only play the game. Yes, you might best your opponents in a round of golf, or (lucky you!) get your name posted on the clubhouse champions’ plaque, but you can never really win. Every round you play is a different game. The weather, course conditions, wind velocity, even what you had for breakfast in the morning or to drink the night before… all of these factors and many more, influence the game every time you play. So you can’t really win at the game of golf. But you can learn to play your very best no matter the conditions. This is where the influence of a great teacher can make all the difference.

Jane Frost Golf Academy

Bob Quirk, Marion Walker and Jane Frost.

Here on Cape Cod, one of the top LPGA golf instructors in the country, Jane Frost, just opened her Golf Academy. Sponsored by MSNBC’s Golf Channel, the Golf Academy offers a wide variety of golf lessons and clinics, as well as expert club fitting.

lpga50Jane has been teaching golf lessons for years as lead instructor at the “Jane Frost Golf Performance Center.” and has been named as one of the best teachers in America by both Golf Digest and the LPGA.

I decided to visit the new facility and meet Jane and her staff. The Golf Academy, located at Sandwich Hollows Golf Course, about ten miles from my office here on Cape Cod, sits on the edge of a beautiful grass driving range. (No rubber mats here!) They are just completing the construction of two indoor bays so golfers can learn and practice no matter the weather. It’s an impressive set-up.

It was clear from the start of our interview that both Jane Frost and her associate Marion Walker, are passionate about golf. They are dedicated to helping every golfer learn to play the game well. I took notes and listened as the two explained their approach.

  • It’s all about finding the “why?” of your game and setting personal goals for improvement. Golf, after all, is supposed to be fun and If you play well, your enjoyment level will rise.
  • To play well, you, as the golfer, need to find what works for you. It’s your game, your swing, your mind set. A good teacher will work with you to suggest subtle changes in your swing or grip or attitude. A small change in one area can make a dramatic difference in your game.
  • It’s important not to have hard expectations about your game. Expectations create tension—the worse thing you can have in your game. Instead, set goals and work towards them one step at a time. Go slow to learn fast.
  • All motion is proceeded by thought. It’s important to develop a mindset to learn. Have the intention for attention to detail. Repeat an action to a point where it becomes automatic.

Both Jane and Marion offer one-on-one coaching as well as clinics and group lessons. Whether you are a beginner eager to start or have been playing golf for years and just want a “tune-up,” there is a class or clinic designed to meet your needs. I still need to meet the third member of their teaching staff, Bob Quirk. He offers expert club-fitting and is available for lessons as well.

Jane Frost LogoFor more details about the Jane Frost Golf Academy, visit their website.





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