Ladies Golf Shoes: Fit, Style, Price – Which Brand Is Best For You?

The first time I played golf I borrowed my friend’s golf shoes.

They didn’t fit, and during the round, I fell in a muddy stream. It was — a bit of a disaster. Old Golf ShoesMy feet got soaked, the borrowed shoes were ruined and I developed a nasty blister on the back of my heel from the friction of a badly fitted, wet shoe.

Before I played my second round of golf I headed to the sports store. I still wasn’t convinced I was going to make golf my primary leisure pastime and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. But I did not want a repeat of the first round’s pain and discomfort, so I figured it was worth investing in a simple shoe that fit properly.

It’s been a while since purchasing that first pair. What I remember was the price ($29.00) and the color (solid white – they were big and clunky and reminded me of nurses’ shoes) and the bottom of the shoe did not have spikes, there were some odd little nubbly things – similar to what you would find on a sneaker. The shoes served me well for about six rounds of golf and then they began to fall apart—perhaps because I usually played in the wet grass of early morning and they were not waterproof.

All this early experience taught me the importance of the golf shoe. Now that I play at least twice a week, my feet require a decent shoe. I suspect your feet require the same.

Are you looking to buy new golf shoes? Some things to consider:

Golf ClogsFirst, which is more important – fit, style or price? It would be great to get all three in one shoe. Other considerations depend on where and when you play. If you live in a warm climate you might consider a golf sandal. Do you play early mornings or on a course with a lot of water? Waterproof shoes might be a great idea. There are even golf clogs if you think you can handle that concept!

Footjoy-DryJoy Golf ShoesA good fit is my top priority. Yes, everyone does notice your shoes when you play golf. Especially the other ladies. But they notice your game more. If your shoes fit properly you will be able to maintain balance when you swing and your game will improve. If your feet hurt because of a bad fitting shoe, no matter how stylish they are, your game will suffer. For this reason I do not buy golf shoes online. I do a lot of research and comparative shopping online, but once I find the shoe I like, I have to find a store that sells it and try them on my feet. A lot of online retailers guarantee they have no-hassle returns on shoes, and that may work for you, but for me, it’s easier to do it in person. This is my current pattern of shopping… it may change especially if I find a shoe that is just too fabu to miss. And that brings me to my second priority: style.

You don’t want to wear ugly shoes on the golf course. I know, it’s only a shoe, but when you look good, you feel good, and you play well. Ugly shoes get into my head. If I’m wearing an old pair of golf shoes that have seen “better days” it makes a difference in my confidence. Call me silly. It’s a psychological fact. Feel good = play well. Feel lousy for whatever reason = triple bogey golf.

Sesto Meucci Gleda White/Red Saddle ShoeFinally – price!!! How much should you pay for a great pair of golf shoes? Should you buy more than one pair? The Sesto Meucci shoes pictured here are gorgeous and retail for $279. (at LadyGolfSportswear.) But you don’t have to pay that much if price is a major consideration. There are dozens of great websites that cater to women golfers. Research the brands, check out the styles and compare prices. Of course you should choose the style, colors, brand that works best for you.

If you are absolutely certain of your shoe size, with or without golf socks and you don’t mind buying shoes online without trying them on, that’s ok. Go for it. If you find a great deal on one of the discount sites and you can afford a few pair, do it. Choose some basic colors that go with just about anything… black, brown, grey… and if you want to step it up… choose some distinctive colors that match your latest skort! Whatever you choose, feel good about your choice.

Your game will love you for it!

If you have discovered some great online shoe stores, brands, styles, share your discovery in the comment section below.

What shoe are you wearing? The module apologizes in a climate.

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