Meet Donna White, A Top 50 Golf Instructor

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Last June, Golf Digest published their first ever list of the top 50 women teachers in America. These women were voted on by their peers, (over 1,100 PGA and LPGA members) and selected not only for their understanding of the mechanics of golf but on their ability to connect with each of their students. Of the top 50 instructors, Donna White was listed as #11.

Donna White, PGA/LPGA Golf InstructorDonna White, PGA/LPGA Top 50 Instructor, currently works at the golf school, Keiser University College of Golf and recently gave an interview that reveals some of what it takes to be a top 50 golf instructor. Here are a few excerpts.

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Golf Digest - 50 Best Women Teachers in AmericaWhen and how did you start golfing? When I was 13, my parents joined the local semi-private club in my home town. The local professional at the club did several junior clinics and was instrumental in spurring my interest in the game.

Tell us about your competitive golfing background. I played junior, amateur, collegiate and professional golf. I am grateful to have had the most success playing career winning titles at all levels.

What has been the most rewarding part of your golf career?
My achievements beyond the competitive arena are as a teaching and club professional. Most recently, the opportunity to work with the staff here at Keiser University College of Golf [is the most rewarding].

What makes golf different than other sports in your opinion? It is an individual sport that really aligns with life. It is the only sport we are to call infractions of the rules on ourselves. So the honor, integrity and sportsmanship of the game are of utmost importance.

What advice would you give an aspiring golf professional?
Work hard, play hard… but make sure you have fun along the way. Also, surround yourself with a good team of trusted people that can help direct your future.

If you weren’t working in the golf industry, what would you like to be doing for a living? Teaching high school.

How has golfing affected your life? It has opened many doors for me personally and professionally, enabling me to pursue my passion of teaching, coaching, program development and business management.

What, other than golf, inspires you on a day to day basis? A high standard of excellence and expectation; I challenge myself daily to be better than I was the day before. I am committed to continual learning, listening and equipping myself with the knowledge and tool’s to accomplish whatever desirable tasks or goals I have set for myself, students or employees.

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You can read more about Donna at her blog, Golf Professional Services, Inc.

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