PGA Show – From Annika to Golf Buddy

Today was packed with events and interviews. Don’t have time to go into detail today, that will come in later posts… but here is a quick summary:

annikaOne of the major areas the PGA is focusing on this year, is growing the game, and keynote speaker, Annika Sorenstam really pushed that point in her keynote address this morning.

“Growing the game is very important to me,” said Sorenstam, who has become a global ambassador for golf since stepping away from full-time competitive play in 2008 after winning 10 major championships.  “We need to do everything we can to build interest in golf for the next generation.  We need to keep the game friendly and fun.” Some main points:

  • 80% of golfers are men; 20% are women
  • 90% of players are adults; 10% are kids
  • The potential for growth in the game is with attracting and keeping women and children playing golf

So how to do this?

  • Make the game more fun, friendly, and affordable
  • Make the game less time consuming… a typical round today can easily take 4 1/2 – 5 hours to play and few have that kind of time to spare. Play golf courses that are compatible with your skill level and play from the tees that match your handicap (See Tee It Forward for more on this subject.) and get your ego out of the game. Only the very low handicappers should be playing from the back tees.
  • Make the game less intimidating, especially for women. Most average players men or women, don’t break 100. So just relax and remember this is a game that is supposed to be fun!
  • Get involved in programs like Golf 2.0 and Get Golf Ready to bring more people into the game

. . . .

After the keynote, I hit the trade floor and checked out the latest products from a variety of vendors: (I’ll be posting in detail in future posts. Here are just a few:)

  • Tin Cup / Champ / Fore!! Axel & Hudson / Mobile Warming Gear / Wear to Win / Zenzah / Golf Buddy
  • Got Dottie Pepper to sign her new book and had my picture taken with Stacey Lewis

Tomorrow it’s coffee with Golf4Her and Tour Edge… report back later. Chow from Orlando. I’m heading back to the hotel!


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