Speed Golf: Can You Play Golf Too Fast?

You’ve heard of Speed Golf? The idea is to play a round of golf as fast as you can. Hit, run, hit, run, sink your putt and run to the next hole. It’s a real “sport*” that I don’t plan on trying anytime soon. But last week I thought played a round so fast I thought my head would spin off.

I was partnered with two women who love to play first thing in the morning. On league days they want to be in the first group off the tee. The big advantage is obvious. No one to slow you down. No waiting. I had put in for an early tee time and when I was sent an email with a 6:12 a.m. tee time, I was ok with that. It meant getting up at 5 a.m. but I’m  willing to do that for golf. What I was not expecting was the speed golf I was about to play.

These women were intent on beating the league record for  a round of 18. Yikes! No time to think. Just hit and go. Hit and go. No time to talk, to chat, to get distracted. Just hit the ball and go. Playing this fast was exhausting, but still fun. Without time or opportunity to babble on about who knows what, I found myself concentrating on each shot, and just trying to keep up with my speed demon partners. I think the focus helped my game. It wasn’t my best round of golf (I still lost one in the pond…) but it’s made me realize how important it is to play with more intention and focus.

*If you want to see some speed golf in action, go to Youtube! and do a search for “speed golf.” If you want to get some help with your powers of concentration on the golf course, this book Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent is a good beginning.

Do you think playing golf fast helps or hinders your game? Leave your comment in the space below.

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