Do You Need A Quiet Mind To Be Good At Golf?

A few months ago Steven Yellin, author of 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes sent me information about his new program for golfers: Quiet Mind Golf. This DVD program focuses on practice and preparation of your mind as well as your body when it comes to getting ready to play golf. It’s all about getting in THE ZONE where your focus is on quieting your mind and getting out of your own way. This is one of my biggest problems when I play golf. I think too much and when I do, I’m guaranteed to make a mess of my golf. If your head is full of “noise” and “to dos” when you stand over the ball you will find this program especially enlightening.

Here’s a short video from the golf pros who have used this program:

We asked Steven for a copy of his program and had one of our readers watch it, practice with it and review it. Her feedback (and it is really honest!) is just below.
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Quiet Mind Golf Review from N. C-N.

  • The first time I watched this video, I was lost and a bit skeptical.
  • The second time I turned it off halfway through as I thought to myself that I needed to focus on certain swing thoughts when I address the ball and the drills on this video are only going to confuse me.
  • The third time, I took notes and now it all makes sense.  It really does.

It is a video I would recommend to anyone who has ever stood over a ball too long, only to hit into the sand, or the woods, or the rough…, or “right off the top”…after all the thought.

It is not an easy video.  If you do not understand the points Steve Yellin makes in the first 2 chapters, the drills, etc will not be appealing.  But, if you take the time to listen carefully, and even take notes, I think you will find it very insightful and I believe helpful.

The drills are designed to create fluidity in the mind because ‘you cannot create fluidity in the body if you do not have fluidity in the mind.”  To create this “fluidity,” Steve has developed drills that engage the mind in what he continuously refers to as “a subtle dance.” He emphasizes that these drills do not replace your routine or your typical swing prompts / mantras.  The drills do not replace what you think, but how you think.

Stay with the video to the end as the points he makes in the last segment, after the drills, are extremely important.  (It takes practice to hear what he is saying.) Without listening to his final comments, one might set the wrong expectations for these drills.

This is not a video you will watch once and put away.  It takes you someplace most golf “instruction” videos do not go.  That is why I emphasize the importance of the beginning chapters and the final chapter.  These chapters are the foundation for understanding and giving credibility to the drills in the middle sections.

I am looking forward to starting to “subtly” incorporate some of these drills into my game.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about getting better at golf and willing to work on his /her game.

If we practice what Steve Yellin shows and tells us in his video:  “Mind Off Golf On”  Getting into the “no think zone” is possible.

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Finally, here’s a short video from Steven that pretty much summarizes his philosophy.

You can order your own copy of this program, either an online version or a DVD sent to your home address. Visit the Quiet Mind Golf site for more details.

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