Pushing/Pulling Putts Fix

ocean village golfThis week, I’m visiting a good friend at her vacation condo in Florida and playing golf! Ocean Village, South Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, is a great development with all sorts of fun amenities for the residents including a short but tough par 3 golf course. Played it yesterday and discovered I’m stuck in a pulling putts syndrome!!! What’s happening? I’m usually a pretty good putter, but this “pulling putts” is driving me crazy.

Looked up a quick fix on golf.com and this is what I found:

The Problem: You try to make a straight-back-and-straight-through puttting stroke, but without realizing it, you’re actually taking it back outside the target line (away from you). And because it feels straight, you come through the ball to the inside of the target line. The result? A pulled putt that misses left.

The Solution: Lay the flagstick on the green, set your putter squarely over it and make practice strokes. Try to swing your putterhead slightly to the inside going back, so that just the toe section is over the stick. On your through-stroke, move your putterhead straight down the pole. This will stop those misses left and get the ball rolling toward the hole.

So I’ll try that… Last month I was pushing putts… If that’s your problem, this fix from Golf.com might help you too.

What do you think? Do you push or pull putt? Add your comment in the space below and share your “cure”. 🙂

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