How To Quickly Use Your Golf Handicap To Determine Who Won The Golf Game

My friends and I all play golf. One of the four is a great golfer with a very low handicap. Another is a good golfer who consistently scores in the mid-80s, and the other two in the group — one holds a 31 handicap and the fourth is still struggling to break 100 in a round of 18 holes. But we all enjoy the game, and we all enjoy playing with each other. After each round we each faithfully submit our scores, no matter the numbers, to the GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network) website. And because we all have handicaps, it’s easy to figure out which of us won the round. You’d be surprised to learn how often the player with the highest handicap is taking home all the money!

GolfersWhen you play golf with players of different abilities, it’s important that you consider handicaps when figuring your final scores. Otherwise there is no chance that a golfer with a 35 handicap could ever compete with a golfer with a 12 handicap. And the two players would never play together. The better golfer would always win and the other player would soon be discouraged and toss their clubs in the lake.

Thanks to ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) that’s built into the handicap system, every golfer has a chance to win no matter who you are playing against. If you play to your potential (which is what the golf handicap actually means) and another golfer has a less than stellar round (they play below their potential, or handicap) then you have a good chance of winning.

Click here for a short video that I think explains the process.

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Do you calculate your handicap into your final score when you play? Why or why not?

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