How To Give Yourself A Mental Workout For A Better Golf Game

Is your golf game stuck in low gear?

If you have been playing golf for any length of time, I’m sure you have heard that 90% of the game of golf is mental. This truism suggests that your success in golf depends in great measure on your ability to visualize your drive flying straight and true down the fairway, your pitch shot dropping softly onto the green just inches from the cup, and your one putts sinking decisively into the hole.

You may have heard this, but is it true? Does your success in golf depend heavily upon your mental approach to the game? And if it does, how do you get your mental golf game in gear so that you really do play the very best golf you can? recently received a CD from the people at The LIVE WELL Series titled: Golf Well. 

Your mental workout for a better game.


The CD is part of a library of guided imagery CD’s produced by Janet Montgomery, CHt, and musician, Jeff Gold.
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We passed the CD on to a few of our golfing companions and asked them to listen to the full CD and give us an honest review. Here is a summary of their responses to our questions:

Q. Have you ever listened to a guided imagery CD before?
For several of our reviewers this was their first experience with a guided imagery CD and admitted to being “put off” a bit by them, although they believed they worked. At least one had listened to relaxation or meditation CDs before.

Q. Do you believe this type of CD can help with your golf game?
One reviewer wrote: “…at first I was skeptical but persisted in listening because I have been having a ‘no confidence’ and ‘poor performance’ issue that I have not been able to overcome for the past 6 weeks. I was at the “I’ll try anything” stage of frustration. It may be a coincidence, but my game has improved this week as I was going back to basics and to the things “I know I can do well” which happens to be words used in the CD. So I believe it has been sinking in, despite my resistance and skepticism.

Q. Did you find it easy to listen to the CD?
A. Each reviewer listened to the CD multiple times. One reported: I didn’t find it easy at first, I had to get used to the narrator’s voice and music, but once I had decided to really pay attention and open my mind to the message, I found listening became easier.

Q. Was there any part you found particularly helpful?
One reviewer found the references to trusting her subconscious to be very helpful and believes this will only increase the more she listens over time.

Q. Have you put what you experienced into practice?
Despite initial resistance, reviewers are finding they are putting some of the advice received through the CD into practice, with positive results.

Q. This was a review copy of the CD. Would you buy a copy for yourself or recommend the CD to a friend?
Yes, but reviewers admitted they had to get over their initial disbelief that the process would be effective. One wrote: “Sure, I would recommend the CD to a friend but with the caveat that it is a bit ‘out there’ but worth a try. Give me a few more sessions listening to it and seeing improvement and I may be a true believer!”

. . . . .

Bottom Line: Almost every reviewer was skeptical at first, unsure if listening to a mental workout would help improve their golf game. Those who allowed themselves to relax and truly listen, discovered that their golf game did improve and they were overcoming problems and mental blocks that were causing problems on the golf course.

If you are looking to improve your golf game, get out to the practice range, the putting green and the sand bunkers. But don’t neglect your inner spirit, attitude, beliefs and the mental game of golf.

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We give this CD 4 Tees!

  8 comments for “How To Give Yourself A Mental Workout For A Better Golf Game

  1. Ruth says:

    I wanna try this!!!

    – Ruth

    • Pat Mullaly says:

      When it comes to managing the mental side of golf, it’s worth it to use whatever works for you. Hypnosis works for a lot of people.

  2. Jeff Gold says:

    Hi Pat and Susan,

    Susan, please let us know how the tournament goes!

    And as Pat says, don’t listen while driving….in fact, there’s a warning on the CD label. Not only is the CD relaxing, but you really need to be in a relaxed state while listening, with your eyes closed, to get the full benefit of “Golf Well”.

    Good luck this weekend!


  3. Susan Gauff says:

    OK — I just downloaded the CD. Let’s hope it works for this weekend’s tournament.

    • Pat says:

      Susan… I think you will find the cd helpful… you may want to listen to it a couple of times… and NOT while you are driving… I tried that and nearly fell asleep at the wheel. Bad advice. I found if you really allow yourself to focus on the narrator’s words and just relax, it helps.

  4. Jeff Gold says:

    Pat Mullaly of wrote a great review of our CD "Golf Well"…..she shared our CD with some of her…

  5. Pat Mullaly says:

    News from GolfGurls How To Give Yourself A Mental Workout For A Better Golf Game

  6. Pat Mullaly says:

    How To Give Yourself A Mental Workout For A Better Golf Game

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