What Is The Best Tool For Repairing A Divot On The Golf Green?

Ever get to the golf green ready to sink that 12 foot putt and discover the surface dotted with some really deep divots? And of course one of them is directly in the line you want to use to get to the hole! I usually carry a divot repair tool in my golf bag, but not in my pocket since I stabbed myself a month or so ago. The tool’s sharp points are always getting caught on something. Of course, leaving the tool in my golf bag is actually quite useless as I never bring the bag onto the green and by the time I realize I need to fix a divot, I’m far away from the cart. Result, I just don’t fix divots on the green.

Well that’s all changed.

Divot Repair ToolI get a lot of products to review here at golfgurls.com, and one of the most useful just arrived in the mail. It’s the Champ FLIX Divot Repair Instrument. The beauty of this simple tool is the switchblade design. Those sharp spikes are hidden inside the case. No more torn pockets or pierced finger tips!

An essential accessory for any golfer who cares about course conditions, the fun-t0-use and practical “switchblade” design is the company’s most ergonomic offering yet. Heavy duty enough to handle stubborn divots, yet collapsible with the push of a button, the new FLIX tool can be comfortably stored without fear of damaging pants pocket linings. Catering to a variety of preferences, the device is available in orange, lime green, pink, black and white. – From the CHAMP product description.

It’s all true. The sample FLIX I use works like a charm. And now that I am not in danger of injuring myself or ripping a hole in my pants, I keep it in my pocket every time I play a round. It’s really easy and fun to use. I find I’m fixing divots all the time. In fact, I’m on the lookout for them. (The groundskeepers must love me. ) Watch this short video that shows the right way to fix a divot. There is a wrong way which will make your groundskeeper cringe if you do it.

I showed the FLIX to my golf partners and gave some samples away for them to review. Everybody loves it. The FLIX includes a removable magnet ball marker that can be customized for different events and golf courses. The pro at my home course is thinking about getting them made for our next member-guest event as a special promotion and to have in the pro shop.

The FLIX is available for purchase online at Amazon.com (Click on one of the links below.)
New Champ Golf – Flix Divot Repair Tool
– Black
Champ Flix Divot Repair Tool And Ball Marker – Pink

Also available at

Bottom line: The Champ FLIX Divot Repair Tool gets 5 Tees! Top honors.


Question for you: Are you a divot fixer? Do you think it’s important? Leave your comment below.

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