Scholarships Awarded!

Scholarships have been awarded to two local young women golfers by the TEE CLUB of Hingham. The TEE CLUB is a women’s golf league from South Shore Country Club.

Match Play

Abigail Taugher of Milton will use her scholarship for lessons at Kings Way Golf Course this summer. Caroline Gannon, also of Milton, will take her lessons at the Milton Hoosic Club. As part of the selection process scholarship winners submitted essays discussing how golf has influenced their life, how they would use the scholarship money to improve their golf game, how they were introduced to the game and their hopes for improving their game this season.

The Tee Club is currently celebrating its 25th year; we wish a great golf season to the scholarship applicants and winners; we would like to thank the South Shore Country Club staff for their continued support of the Tee Club and its members. For more information on the Tee Club please call

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