One Secret To Playing “The Beach” On A Golf Course

If you’re a golfer you know exactly what I mean when I write “Playing the Beach on a Golf Course” as the title of this post. The “beach” is what I believe is one of the top challenges for most golfers (at least it is for me.) — the sand trap! My round can be going along gang-busters, racking up those pars, bogies and an occasional birdie, and then whack! I hit into the deepest bunker on the course, take 4 strokes trying to get out and my score has just hit the skids. Then, of course, the mental side of the game kicks in and it’s a downward spiral to despair. Sigh. (More on the downward spiral in another post.)

Something Special Arrived

Yesterday something arrived at my front door that just might solve my troubles at the “beach.” It’s a new sand wedge from TourEdge. Their promo department asked me to try it out, and write a review. It’s their 1Out Wedge Plus.

Watch this short video to check it out:

My “beach” control is pathetic, and I have an important tournament coming up. I decided to take the club out for a spin as soon as possible and headed for the practice range at my local club.

Initial Review

My first reaction: the club works! I have to say I was really impressed. I tossed 6 balls into the sand trap and practiced for an hour or so, hitting balls out of the sand from a variety of positions. The hardest spot for me, as it is for many golfers, is when the ball is stuck in the sand like a fried egg or ends up just under the edge of the bunker. I kept knocking the ball up against the overgrowth… but that was “operator malfunction” and not the fault of the club. I have to remember to follow through!

By the time my practice session was over, I was able to get out of the trap 90% of the time on the first swing, and that’s something for me.

I’m going to spend a little more time testing the 1Out Wedge Plus and will pass it around to some of my golfing friends to have them check it out. I’ll be posting their reviews as well, but from what I’ve seen so far, this club is going to stay in my bag for a good while.

Good news for you! I’M GIVING ONE AWAY!

TourEdge has sent along a second 1Out Wedge Plus, which I am going to give away to one lucky golfer. Click here: Win A New TourEdge 1Out Wedge to enter!

Just click on the link above and enter to win your own 1Out!!!

Read more about the 1 Out Wedge Plus at the TourEdge website.

How’s your sand game? Do you have a special club you use or could recommend? Add your comment in the space below. Love to hear from you.


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