Secrets to the Short Swing: A Free eBook

Bill Baird - Swing Fundamentals Book CoverOne of the fastest ways to improve your golf score is to work on your short game. Guest author and golf instructor, Bruce Baird has written a short eBook Detailed Fundamentals of the Golf Swing outlining the basics of what he calls “the short swing.” He has been gracious enough to make a copy of Chapter 2 of his eBook available for instant access. (Click on the cover to download your copy as a pdf file. – You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Here is a short excerpt to satisfy your curiosity:

Most amateur golfers never achieve an integrated golf swing. I believe it is because the swing fundamentals are taught from a mechanistic perspective with emphasis on the full swing. The Nationwide Golf School I created is based on the belief that small discrete movements are more easily assimilated by most people. The “feel” of the actions is much better attained because things are moving at a slow motion pace. From understanding and feel comes a more profound knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

The curriculum which was developed around these principles is designed to enable the student in a simple, doable set of lessons to focus on the fundamentals which make up the complete swing. As a student moves farther away from the green, he learns other swing characteristics. But Harry Obitz, said it simply almost 70 years ago “All swing methods are glorified pitch shots.” ~ Bruce Baird

You can contact Bruce through his website:

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