Simple Secret: How To Prevent Golf Injuries

What is the secret to prevent golf injuries?

Most recreational golfers are very busy people. We are always doing something, going somewhere and often in a mad rush. Getting to the golf course for that early morning tee time is no different. We don’t take the time to prepare our bodies or our minds for the round of golf. As a result, it takes until the third hole for your body to catch up to the fact you are actually playing golf and in the meantime, those cold muscles can start to ache and twinge.

What happens? The most common injuries are to your rotator cuff, lower back, neck and knees. If you have not warmed up before your round, there’s a good chance you can hurt yourself.

There is an answer how to prevent golf injuries that all golfers should consider. It’s called Yoga!

Nancy Boyle, Yoga InstructorYou don’t have to become an expert at yoga to begin to feel the immediate benefits. My friend, Nancy Boyle, a yoga instructor who specializes in helping golfers improve their game and stay injury free at the same time, sat down with me to talk about the importance of properly preparing for a round of golf. How just doing a few simple stretches can make all the difference.

But what do you do if you feel an ache or strain in the middle of your round? Nancy offered  some valuable advice on the best way to handle that as well.

We recorded our conversation and you can listen to it here, or download it to your desktop or mobile device to listen later.

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