Where to Start? Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Are you ready to start playing golf? Guest author, Matt from TruGolf, offers some great advice for the beginner.

Golf Swing: Beginner's Guide to Golf

There’s a lot more to golfing than just participating in the sport itself. Golf has its own culture. For a first-timer, it can be a little intimidating. After all, no first-time golfer wants to look like a first-time golfer. We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you blend a little. You’ll still look like a first timer, but you may be able to avoid one or two of the most common embarrassments.

You’ll need a few things.

Golf Ball: Beginner's Guide to GolfThere are a few important things that should be in your bag before you begin — essential items that the first-timer probably won’t think of. You’ll need quite a few balls (a dozen or more). You’ll also need quite a few tees, a couple of golf towels, a couple markers (pennies will do), and a divot tool. You’ll want to ask your friend or watch a Youtube video on how to use it. Remember, you’ll be on the course for a few hours — you’re going to want to carry sunscreen, a bottle of water, and a band-aid or two just in case.

What to wear.

Most golf courses have a dress code. Jeans and T-shirts are usually frowned upon. It’s a good idea to ask when you call to book a tee time, but you’re normally safe with a pair of khakis and a collared shirt. You’ll also want a sweater or a windbreaker if it’s cool outside. Basically, just use common sense — dress for the weather and try not to look like a dirtbag.

Once you’re at the club.

Arrive early to give yourself a little time to warm up. Remember to stretch. Your muscles aren’t used to the motions that are involved with golf, and stretching will help you avoid fatigue and injury. Warm up and get a little bit of practice at the driving range and at the practice putting green. Hopefully you talked a friend with some golf experience to come along — take all the advice you can handle from your golfer buddy. Unlike some other sports, golf is not super intuitive — any tips will help.

Here we go!

Putting Green: Beginner's Guide to GolfThere are a few things you’ll need to know once your round begins. First, you should try not to be too loud. This is most important when someone in your party is concentrating, but it can also be distracting to other groups. You should never stand too close to the cup or to another golfer when they’re trying to take a shot. It’s also important to try to keep up the pace. You don’t want to hurry your shot, but you should try to be ready when it’s your turn, and your group should try to keep up with the group ahead. Think of the group behind you — they’ll have to wait around if your group is moving extra slow.

Get psyched!

Golf is one of those activities that’s much more than a hobby — it’s a way of life. It can be extremely challenging and extremely rewarding. Golf can literally change your life. As a first-time golfer, you’re embarking on an amazing adventure, and you should be excited. As with any adventure, there will be ups and downs — keep at it. Get comfortable take get a few practice rounds at the driving range or golf simulator. Fortunately, golfers get excited to see someone new embrace their sport, and they often try to help the new guy out. There’s a lot to learn, but there are amazing times ahead. Enjoy!.

Bio: Matt is an avid golf enthusiast and part of the TruGolf.com team. When he’s not working on his fairway shot, you will find Matt writing about his passion for the process of the game.


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