The Benefits of Yoga For Golfers

What are the benefits of yoga for golfers?

Nancy Boyle Yoga for Golf InstructorSeveral weeks ago a good friend of mine, Nancy Boyle, who is a freelance yoga instructor and an avid golfer, asked if I would like to attend one of her Yoga for Golfers sessions. I hesitated. Me? Yoga? What does one have to do with the other? I do my stretches before and after golf and try to work flexing all those muscles… but I have to admit, my body still creaks and squawks when I have to get to that first tee box for a 6:30 a.m. tee time. And though I think I’m doing a full golf swing when I hit the ball, I’ve watched myself on video and I’m more arms than torso. I need all the flexibility I can get. So I took her up on the offer.

I very quickly learned a lot about my body and what it can and cannot do! It wasn’t so much an “ouch! that hurt” experience— Nancy is a very good instructor who will not push you beyond what your body can do, especially for a newbie like me. But it was definitely an OMG! experience… (read Oh My Goodness!… yikes! – I’m getting rusty!)

If you want to continue to play golf, improve your game, have fun and not get injured, practicing yoga is one way to do that. I asked Nancy if she would be willing to talk about the Yoga-Golf Connection and how she discovered it for herself.

Listen in to the first of three podcasts: What is the yoga – golf connection all about? (Want to listen later? Download the file to your smart phone, ipad, or desktop, or to share with others.)

Have a question? You can reach Nancy directly at:

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Do you practice yoga? Has it helped your golf game? Share your experience in the comment area below.


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